Alienware Aurora 2019 Review

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Alienware Aurora 2019 is a powerful gaming PC with a dedicated graphics card and massive storage space. It also has unique perks such as the Alienware Command Center, which allows users to customize their computer’s performance settings and lighting.

The Aurora’s sleek design and tool-less upgradeability make it a top choice for gamers. Its front panel features headphones and microphone jacks, and the rear has more USB ports.

The design

If you’re looking for a gaming PC with great processing speed, you’ll want to check out the alienware aurora 2019. This PC has an excellent graphics processor and offers plenty of designated ports. It also has a sleek, futuristic design that will attract gamers at first glance.

The Aurora 2019 is a powerful machine designed to withstand extreme gaming pressures. It has a 4.7 GHz processor and can handle multiple tasks at once. It also has a cooling system that controls the temperature of its hardware components.

This PC has a high-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphic card, which provides exceptional performance and visual clarity. The PC is also upgradable, making it one of the most powerful gaming computers available. Its tool-less design makes it easy to access the interior components, allowing you to upgrade it with new hardware as needed. It also has a rounded front and back, giving it a distinctive look that’s sure to impress your friends.

The performance

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is a gaming PC that delivers lag-free, high frame rate gaming. It is also customizable and offers a great value. The desktop’s design is unique, with a rounded front and rear that evokes a sci-fi aesthetic. The computer’s interior is designed with tool-less upgradeability, making it easy to swap out components and perform maintenance.

The Aurora comes with a powerful Intel processor and NVIDIA graphics card for the ultimate gaming experience. It has a fast, reliable hard drive and massive storage space. Additionally, it supports multiple accessories, including a keyboard, mouse, headset, and monitor.

The system’s cooling system is optimized for performance, with rear and top vents that serve as exhaust to keep temperatures in ideal ranges. It also includes an advanced software suite called the Alienware Command Center, which allows users to customize their hardware and lighting. The software also provides an overclocking control module that lets users squeeze extra performance from their system.

The price

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is a powerful gaming PC with a high-end design. Its customizable features allow you to create a gaming rig that suits your style and needs. It also has a high-powered processor and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, making it an excellent choice for gamers.

The hardware on the Aurora is able to handle the most demanding games without any issues. Its liquid cooling system keeps the CPU temperature low, ensuring that it will run smoothly and won’t overheat. This system is also capable of running a number of different gaming accessories, including monitors and mice.

The Aurora is designed to be easily upgradable, allowing you to replace components as necessary. Its toolless access makes it easy to swap out hard drives and upgrade RAM. Its graphics cards can even be changed, making it an ideal gaming computer for those who are looking to make the most of their investment. It also comes with a variety of software, including Alienware Command Center, which allows users to customize the hardware and lighting on their gaming desktop.

The warranty

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is a powerful gaming PC that can handle the most demanding games. It features an Intel Core i7-8700K processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 2TB hard drive. Its graphics card is capable of playing the latest games at high frame rates without lag. It also comes with a variety of ports and connectors, including two USB 3.1 ports, four USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort connector.

The system also has an advanced cooling design to keep the temperature low and optimize performance. Its rear and top vents work as exhaust to remove heat while its front and side vents take in cool air. The result is a well-balanced and durable gaming desktop that can last for years to come.

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is backed by a one-year warranty, which covers hardware defects and damage. The computer is also eligible for Dell’s Advance Exchange service, which enables you to replace your defective unit with a new one within 24 hours. The manufacturer also offers a number of support services, including live chat, phone, and email.


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