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Geidt’s story is an inspiration to anyone looking to rise in the business world. She started her career as an intern and now works at Uber.

After graduating college, Geidt sent a cold email to Uber’s CEO. She included a video presentation that showed her determination to succeed. She later rose to become a member of the company’s board.


Geidt had a pretty traditional upbringing and followed a fairly standard path through college at Berkeley. But around the time she graduated, she developed a substance abuse problem and sought help. After rehab and some time “reintegrating” into society, she went back to school and earned a business degree.

Amid a rocky job market, Geidt saw a tweet about a startup looking for interns. She cold-emailed the company’s CEO at the time, Ryan Graves. He asked her to put together a presentation about herself, and she didn’t disappoint. She loaded the slides with humor and pleaded with him to give her a chance.

She got the job and wore many hats at Uber, from answering customer support calls to opening mail to cold-calling drivers. She even helped the CEO brainstorm expansion strategy for new cities, including notoriously difficult LA. But despite her success, she announced in 2020 that she and Uber were parting ways. She hasn’t said much about what she’s doing since, but a photo of her and her dog Dewy suggests she’s kicking off the next chapter of her career with gusto.

Net Worth

While many tech giants struggle to maintain a steady grip on their stock price, Uber has been able to hold onto its billions and continue to grow. One of the key reasons for its success has been Austin Geidt, who is the company’s head of strategy for its Advanced Technologies Group, which works on self-driving cars. Geidt started at Uber in 2010 as an intern, and has since become a top executive.

She was able to rise through the ranks thanks to her hard work, and she has been rewarded with numerous promotions. Recently, she even rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate her career milestone.

Geidt graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 2010. But she didn’t have an easy time of it in college. At 19, she says she “got into trouble,” but she managed to get clean by the age of 20 and was able to rebuild her life.


Austin Geidt is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who has been working in the field for more than a decade. She is best known for her work as the chief operating officer of Uber, a ride-hailing company. She is also an active speaker and has made several investments in startups. Geidt has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Geidt was born in 1985 and grew up in a family that was focused on technology and entrepreneurship. She started out her career with a traditional route to college, but soon developed an addiction problem that required rehab and time spent recovering. Eventually, she decided to turn her life around and worked her way back up to become a senior executive at a top tech firm.

Geidt joined Uber as its fourth employee and first intern in 2010, and worked her way up through the ranks, filling a variety of roles. In 2020, she celebrated a major milestone in her recovery journey, posting on social media that she had reached 16 years of sobriety.


Austin Geidt rose from drug addiction to becoming the face of one of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies. She is currently the head of strategy at Uber, and her rise through the ranks of the ride-hailing giant is the stuff of legends.

After graduating from Berkeley in 2010, the world was still recovering from the 2008 recession, and jobs were scarce. Geidt saw a tweet from Uber CEO Ryan Graves seeking interns, and she responded with a funny, frank presentation that pleaded with him to give her a chance.

She was hired, and started in a “wearing-many-hats” marketing role that included passing out flyers, answering customer service calls, and cold-calling drivers. Over the next decade, she would become a leader at the company and fill many different roles before eventually moving to her current position as head of strategy.

Her success at the company was celebrated in 2020, when she stood beside Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange ahead of the firm’s public debut. Her time at the company was marked by rapid growth and a number of high-profile milestones, including overseeing the launch of Uber in 400 cities around the world and leading the company’s efforts into self-driving cars.


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