Best Pokemon Emulator For iPhone & iPad

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Are You an iPhone User who Loves Pokemon Collecting? There Are Plenty of Options For You If so, emulators for the device offer many different games from classic titles to play on.

Game Play Color is an emulator available for free on iPhone that supports both GB and CBC ROMS and provides advanced features like cloud syncing, iPad split-screen mode, multi-player support, cheat codes and save states.


Delta is an iPhone Pokemon emulator designed by Riley Testut and available as a free app, supporting Game Boy Color ROMs GB/CBC as well as cloud syncing, iPad split-screen playback and multi-player support. Compatible with all current iOS versions.

Delta stands apart from other emulators by operating independently from web browsers; you can download and install it directly on your phone, without the need for third-party servers or servers from third parties. Furthermore, Delta can run ROMs directly without third-party involvement – an uncommon capability among emulators!

To use it, visit AltStore and download it directly onto your iPhone or iPad. After the download has completed, open up Delta app and follow its on-screen instructions to start playing your favorite retro games!


Emulators on your iPhone or iPad provide the ideal way to access classic Pokemon games. Not only do they allow for larger screens and run cheats and ROM hacks, they’re a much cheaper alternative than purchasing used consoles off craigslist or console collectors; furthermore they don’t guarantee long-term functionality of said consoles either!

GBA4iOS is a web-based emulator for Game Boy Advance (GBA) and Game Boy Color that features Google Drive integration so you can upload ROMs from either internal storage or Dropbox directly into it, multiple save states, offline gaming capabilities and 8-bit rich audio playback – ideal for players seeking an iOS Pokemon emulator without jailbreaking. In addition to supporting these consoles and hosting various ROMs.

Project 64

There is an overwhelming surge of people searching for ways to play Pokemon on their iPhone, yet Apple’s App Store policy prevents iOS users from directly downloading emulators.

There are a few simple hacks available that allow you to catch all your iOS device games at once. Emulators allow you to save in-game progress, use cheat codes, and project them onto larger screens for playback.

Delta emulator is another reliable solution for playing Pokemon games on an iPhone, offering a smooth experience while supporting SNES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64 games. Plus, its multi-instance support includes iCloud sync, iPad split screen support and multi-player. Furthermore, unlike many emulators it comes with several customizable UI skins for ease of use; additionally it’s free download. Compatible with iOS 13 or later and easily installed via browser with support for manually uploading ROMs from either your computer or Dropbox as well as its in-game library which makes finding and selecting games much simpler!


Pokemon brings back fond memories for many who grew up with it, yet iOS users may find it challenging to access classic Pokemon games due to Apple’s App Store policy.

For an effective solution, use a Pokemon emulator for iPhone or iPad that runs in your browser. These emulators enable you to play both classic Nintendo titles as well as popular Pokemon titles from today; some can even support modern Pokemon GO via GPS virtual location spoofing!

Delta stands out among these iPhone Pokemon emulators as an all-in-one program that can run a wide array of games, offering features like console skins and multi-player support as well as offline mode so you can keep playing even without Wi-Fi connectivity. Plus, its compatibility with both GB and CBC ROMS makes it ideal for gamers looking to collect Pokemon ROMS!


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