Best Video Editing Software For YouTube Beginners

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If you’re a beginner to YouTube and need to edit videos, there are a number of options for you to choose from. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best video editing software for YouTube beginners.

InVideo is a web-based video editor that’s completely hosted in the cloud, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing your progress. It’s also stocked with plenty of transitions, stickers, frames, and other tricks and features to spice up your creations.


Apple’s iMovie is a popular video editing software that’s ideal for YouTube beginners. It provides a wide range of features, settings, and tools that can help you create a video with professional results.

iMovie’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to organize content in the timeline, insert transitions and cut sections of your video. It also allows you to combine photos and video clips together into one video.

The program’s green-screen control is great for adding a background behind people in your videos, making it ideal for weddings, travel, and family videos.

To create a split in your video, simply drag the vertical played to the place where you want to separate the clip into two separate ones. You can reposition the segments independently of one another as well.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush is the newest addition to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. It’s designed for mobile devices and desktops and is meant to help you create pro-looking videos on the go.

It’s easy to use and offers all the basic editing functions you need, as well as features that will help your videos stand out. These include Motion Graphic Templates, Audio features, and the ability to tap into your Creative Cloud library and Adobe Stock.

The app also has color grading presets that allow you to apply the same color changes to other clips without having to manually tweak each one. This makes it much easier to create professional-looking videos.

HitFilm Free

HitFilm Free is a powerful video editing software that you can use to create videos for YouTube. It has many features that you can use to edit your videos, including Chroma Keying and picture-in-picture.

It offers a simple interface that can help you create professional videos. It also offers a variety of stock footage, music, and other tools that you can use to enhance your video productions.

It’s also great for beginners since it comes with a lot of tutorials to help you learn how to use the software. These tutorials are updated regularly to make sure that you can always improve your skills as a filmmaker.


Canva’s online video editor makes it easy to boost your YouTube channel with click-winning thumbnails, unique channel art, and cool graphics. It’s also loaded with timeline editing tools like trim, rotate, merges, and crop so you can get your videos to look exactly how you want them to.

It’s great for YouTube beginners because it’s easy to use and offers a huge variety of templates. You can even choose to upload your own footage if you have it!

You can also add text overlays, transitions, and filters to your videos. Moreover, Canva is packed with millions of royalty-free photos, illustrations, and audio tracks that can be used to make your videos stand out from the crowd.


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, learning how to edit high-quality videos on YouTube is critical to driving traffic and boosting sales. The right video editing software will make the process simple and efficient, saving you time and money in the long run.

InVideo is an online video editor that lets businesses create and share videos with custom content and branding. It provides a library of pre-built templates, advanced editing options, and content from popular online repositories like Storyblocks and Shutterstock.

You can use InVideo to create marketing videos, events planning videos, promo videos, and video ads. It also allows you to include call-to-action buttons that encourage conversions. You can change the size, color, and location of these buttons to fit your brand.


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