Buy and Sell Cryptos on WHMCS With CoinGate

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CoinGate offers its users a comprehensive FAQ section and easy to follow verification process. Once the account is verified, the user may purchase cryptos instantly using credit/debit card or by SWIFT/SEPA global fiat transfers.

To do that, the user must enter an external wallet address and a payout title (recommended). Then, simply make a payment to the merchant and receive an invoice for the transaction.

Buying & Selling

CoinGate is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of buying and selling options. There are no hidden fees and all crypto purchases are delivered directly to the user’s external wallet. The platform offers multiple deposit methods, including SEPA bank transfer, debit card and mobile balance. Users can also purchase cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay (available on iOS only).

Customers may sell their cryptocurrencies back to EUR through the platform with no minimum amount or transaction limit. The service charges a flat fee of just 1% on each transaction.

In addition to the traditional buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, CoinGate offers a number of other services that make it an attractive cryptocurrency payment processor for both consumers and businesses. These include a Merchant Directory of over 150 prominent online stores that accept cryptocurrency, as well as a gift card shop with brands such as Amazon, Xbox and AirBnB. This makes it possible to spend cryptocurrency at online shops without having to convert it first.

Payment Methods

CoinGate offers a wide range of payment methods for users to buy and sell cryptos. Users may select a cryptocurrency from the dropdown menu and enter the amount to buy or sell. Once the transaction is complete, users will receive their coins directly into an external wallet. Users may also add their bank accounts for fiat currency payouts through the Dashboard page.

Once the user selects a cryptocurrency and fiat currency to pay with, they must then verify their account through an email address. After completing this process, users must agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy in order to proceed with the purchase or sale.

CoinGate allows users to spend their cryptos on a large selection of gift cards from famous retailers such as Amazon, Xbox, and AirBnB. There are more than 1,000 gift card options available for consumers to choose from. Users may also select from over 50 supported cryptos to buy or sell at the platform.


CoinGate takes a number of security measures to ensure the safety of its users’ funds. These include strict KYC/AML/CTF policies, high-level encryption and a secure exchange. Customers can deposit and withdraw using a SEPA bank transfer for free, with international transfers at a fee of 0.20%.

The website is backed by a strong SSL certificate, which provides extra protection against hacking and phishing. In addition, the company is a member of the European Banking Authority (EBA). CoinGate also has zero hacking incidents and a very good customer support. The team is available to answer any questions via email, live chat and telephone.

Customer Support

Start accepting crypto payments on your WHMCS e-commerce shop with CoinGate’s automated payment processing plugin. Install it for free and get paid in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and more than 70 other currencies.

The platform offers no set-up or recurring fees, although some payouts and withdrawals do attract a fee. Users can access customer support via email and there is a live chat option on the website. Tier 1 verification is free, but if you want unlimited services you must complete Tier 2 verification. The process is quick and straightforward. There are also FAQs and a blog to help you.


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