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Cara Delevingne was born on August 12, 1992, in London, England. She is the daughter of property developer Charles Hamlin Delevingne and Pandora Anne Stevens, and has two older sisters, Chloe and Poppy.

She is an acclaimed model who has graced the covers of numerous Vogue editions and appeared in movies such as Anna Karenina and Suicide Squad. However, her talents don’t stop there.


Cara Delevingne is a famous British model who has won several awards for her modeling career. She is known for her work in the field of fashion, music and activism. She has used her platform to support various causes like LGBTQ rights and mental health.

She is a regular contributor to magazines like The Edit, Glamour, British Vogue and the Wall Street Journal. She also has modeled in ad campaigns for brands such as Mulberry, Zara, Marc Jacobs, and YSL.

She also made her acting debut in 2012 and has appeared in a number of films including the 2014 drama “Carey” and 2015 film “Paper Towns”. Her next big role was the lead character in the fantasy movie “Her Smell” in 2019. Cara Delevingne is also involved in several charities. She supports the AIDS Foundation and was a goodwill ambassador for the World Food Programme in 2014. She is also an avid equestrian. She attended Francis Holland School in central London and Bedales School in Steep, Hampshire.


Cara Delevingne makes a lot of money from her modeling and acting career. She has been featured in many successful movies and TV shows. She is also a singer, and she has released some collaborative albums.

Delevingne’s career as a model started in 2009 when she signed with Storm Management. She quickly became one of the world’s top models, appearing on magazine covers and in campaigns for brands like Rimmel, Marc Jacobs, and YSL.

In 2012, she made her acting debut in the movie Anna Karenina, a film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel. Her role was a small part, but it was enough to prove that acting was what she wanted to do with her life. She also starred in the 2015 movie Paper Town. She also acted in the 2017 film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.


Cara Delevingne is a British model who has appeared in fashion shows for brands such as Chanel and Burberry and in advertising campaigns for Marc Jacobs H&M, and Zara. She also has a strong acting career, appearing in movies such as Paper Towns, Pan, and Suicide Squad.

Delevingne was born on August 12, 1992, in Hammersmith, London, England. She is the daughter of Pandora Anne Delevingne and Charles Hamlin Delevingne. She has two sisters, Chloe and Poppy, and is close with them and her mother. Delevingne studied at Francis Holland School and Bedales School in Hampshire, England, before dropping out to pursue her modeling career.

Although she started her career as a model, it was never her ultimate goal, she wanted to transition into acting. She made her acting debut in 2012 with the film adaptation of Anna Karenina, in which she played Princess Sorokina. Since then, she has acted in films such as Paper Towns, Pan, and the DC universe film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.


Cara Delevingne is one of the most well-known models in the world. She has appeared on numerous Vogue covers, has been the face of almost every major fashion label, and starred in a number of popular films including Suicide Squad, Paper Towns, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

She has 44.4 million Instagram followers and was ranked the fifth highest-paid model in the world in 2018, earning an estimated $10 million. In addition to her massive modeling career, she has also acted and recorded music.

Her career began in modeling when she was scouted at the age of 16 by Storm Model Management. Over time, she capitalized on her fame and transitioned into acting. She has starred in many film and TV projects, such as Carnival Row, Suicide Squad, and Paper Towns. In addition, she has tried her hand at music and has released two full albums. She is also a social justice warrior and cofounder of climate change nonprofit EcoResolution.


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