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Coingate is a cryptocurrency payment processor and exchange that offers plugins, web-based point-of-sale systems, and API integration along with billing. It believes it can grow the mass adoption of cryptos by bridging the gap between customers and retailers.

The company is based in Lithuania and was founded in 2014. Coingate accepts SEPA bank transfers for buying and selling, with all fiat payouts sent to an external wallet.

Merchant Directory

Merchant Directory is a great way to connect crypto-friendly online stores with the public and make them more visible to potential customers. This solution is cheaper than running an ad in a newspaper, and it can bring you a significant amount of new business. It also allows you to create a website that is “sticky”, meaning that local shoppers will be more likely to come back on a regular basis to check out new deals and offers. In this way, Merchant Directory can help you build a community that supports your business and keeps the traffic coming in. The synergy between Square Register, Square Wallet and now the merchant directory will further propel this start-up far ahead of any PayPal clone that could try to challenge it.


API allows developers to share data between different systems. When a request is made to an API server, it validates the request, then retrieves or manipulates the information and returns it to the client with a 200 status code. This ensures that all requests are properly handled and the response is accurate. It’s also a fast way to publish content and can be used in any channel. It’s less time consuming and costly than traditional marketing.


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