CoinGate Review – Review of CoinGate Payment Methods

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CoinGate is a cryptocurrency payments processor and trading platform, offers buyers an effortless way to purchase cryptos without incurring exchange deposit fees. Purchased cryptocurrency will instantly arrive in their external wallet.

WHMCS E-commerce shops can now accept crypto payments with ease using official plugin modules that can be installed with just a few clicks. In addition, it provides various services designed to help users become fully crypto-integrated.

Credit cards

CoinGate is one of the premier cryptocurrency payment processors available, providing an integrated platform to enable users to accept cryptocurrency payments and manage earnings all in one user-friendly interface. Support for multiple currencies and countries are also provided alongside tools designed for an easy registration process.

All transactions at CoinGate are processed securely within 24 hours and with minimal costs attached by charging only 1% for button, plugins, APIs and Web Point-of-Sale (WPOS) transactions. CoinGate also boasts an easy e-commerce plugin which can easily integrate into any website or e-shop for easy crypto purchases.

Customers can use the CoinGate mobile app to quickly access and make payments to their accounts, set recurring payments, and receive notifications about new deposits and withdrawals. They may even opt for 2-factor authentication to secure their accounts even further.

Bank transfers

CoinGate provides users with a curated directory of crypto-friendly merchants and allows them to purchase goods and services with cryptocurrency without first having to convert it to fiat currency. Customers can make payments for online purchases at over 1,500 popular stores using cryptocurrency as payments – earning gift cards in return! Furthermore, CoinGate allows users to sell their cryptos directly for fiat currency thereby eliminating exchange deposits and fees altogether.

CoinGate boasts some of the lowest processing fees in the industry, charging between 0-1% for payment buttons, plugins, web PoS systems APIs billing. No setup or recurring fees apply and they do not initiate chargebacks which makes CoinGate an extremely cost-effective cryptocurrency payment option. Furthermore, their customer service team offers assistance and they even have a comprehensive FAQ section dedicated to cryptos for those newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencys.

Crypto-to-fiat payouts

CoinGate provides businesses looking to accept crypto payments with a comprehensive solution. From API, shopping cart modules, payment buttons, and Point-of-Sale systems – to flat 1% payment processing fees with no hidden costs or margins – CoinGate protects itself by keeping most coins cold storage to reduce hacks and data leakage risks.

Merchants have the flexibility of receiving payments either in cryptocurrency or as regular payouts into fiat currency at any time. Furthermore, they can manage all accepted cryptocurrencies for API, payment button, and PoS integrations by logging into their business account dashboard and editing settlements accordingly.

Users can access all their trading orders using CoinGate’s dashboard page, where all completed transactions, order/withdrawal statuses, categories and amounts can be displayed; in addition, filters allow them to further refine results if they desire. CoinGate stands out as a secure payment processor offering users complete visibility over all of their orders and withdrawals.

API integration

CoinGate is a blockchain payment processor used by thousands of merchants globally, supporting over 50 cryptocurrencies. Offering multiple integration options including API integration, plugin payment buttons or Point-of-Sale integration; each option requires some technical know-how for use.

Coingate also provides users with a dashboard feature to view their trading order history, such as orders/withdrawals by category, amount and creation date. Users may use filters to narrow their searches. In addition, withdrawals can be examined through the “Withdrawals” drop-down menu within Trading.

Security features offered by this platform ensure strict adherence with EU and local anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing regulations, including 2-factor authentication (2FA), as well as cutting-edge software which prevents unwarranted access. Customers can purchase cryptos using credit/debit card payments or SWIFT/SEPA global fiat transfers.


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