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Stevin John, aka Blippi, entertains millions of toddlers and children online with educational videos that blend fun with learning. His persona exudes curiosity and childlike energy, and he always appears wearing his signature blue and orange beanie cap, bright blue shirt, orange suspenders, and bow tie.

After serving in the United States Air Force, he moved to Los Angeles to work in marketing and video production. Then he saw his 2-year-old nephew watching poor quality YouTube videos and had a lightbulb moment.

1. YouTube

John created his YouTube channel after witnessing his 2-year-old nephew watching low-quality videos on the platform. He decided to create educational yet fun videos for children, and the character of Blippi was born.

His most popular video, “Excavator Song”, has 255 million views and is one of the most-watched videos on the platform. His other popular videos include “Videos for Toddlers with Blippi” and “Blippi Learns About Airplanes”.

The popularity of his channel has also led to the creation of a line of toys, which have helped add to his revenue. He also earns from ad revenues on the site. Blippi has also written two books, My First Book of Colors and Blippi’s Animal Adventures, which are a great way to teach children about different animals.

2. Toys

After serving in the United States Air Force, John was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a limousine driver and fighter pilot. However, he ended up changing his career path when he moved back to his hometown Ellensburg and spent time with his 2-year-old nephew. This is when he started creating and uploading educational videos to YouTube under the name of Blippi.

Since then, the channel has become a profitable business that generates revenue from video ads as well as merchandise and toy sales. John has also released books like ‘Blippi’s Animal Adventures’ and ‘My First Book of Colors’, as well as various clothing items and tees with his logo and illustrations. He has a total of four luxury cars and two yachts, and his assets include six real estate properties and cash reserves worth over $18 million.

3. Clothing

While adults might scoff at what Stevin does as a career, the returns on his YouTube channel are quite impressive. He earns a large amount of money from his videos, merchandise sales, brand deals, sponsorships, and more.

He is also an author. His books include My First Book Of Colors, which teaches kids about colors and Blippi’s Animal Adventures, which introduces readers to various animals.

Stevin John is a talented artist who has made his name in the world of children’s entertainment. He is a military veteran and an accomplished musician as well. He was born on May 27, 1988, in Las Vegas and grew up surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses. As a child, he dreamed of being either a limousine driver or a fighter pilot.

4. Books

Blippi’s books, including “Blippi Learns About Animals” and “My First Book of Colors,” help kids learn in a fun way. He has also released several apparel items such as t-shirts, jackets, hats, and more that feature his blue-and-orange character.

His channel’s ad revenue and sponsorships earn him a considerable amount each year. He also makes money through merchandise sales and brand endorsements.

The YouTube star also has a luxury mansion in California with seven spacious bedrooms, nine bathrooms, home theater, three pools, and Greek-inspired interiors. He bought the 9,000-square-foot property for $16 million USD. As a child, Stevin John dreamed of becoming a limousine driver or fighter pilot. He pursued his dreams as an adult and served in the United States Air Force as a loadmaster at the 4th Airlift Squadron.

5. Investments

Adults might laugh or even scoff at this line of work, but Stevin John is making millions of toddlers and children around the world laugh, learn, and be entertained. This is a highly lucrative career choice and the returns are very good.

In addition to YouTube revenue, he also earns money from merchandise and toys sales and has partnership deals with a number of companies including toy manufacturers and educational firms. He is also able to generate additional income through live performances and endorsement and sponsorship deals.

He has made wise investments in real estate, luxury cars and stocks that are earning him huge amounts of money. He also took a loan of $19 million for business expansion and new media ventures. This debt is taken into consideration when calculating his net worth.


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