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Ed Harris is an American actor with a net worth of $20 million. He has made his fortune from films such as The Abyss, Apollo 13, and The Rock. He has also worked on stage productions.

Harris has received a number of accolades for his acting and directing work. He has starred in films such as The Truman Show, Pollock, and Appaloosa. He has also directed several movies.

He is an actor

Ed Harris has made a career in the entertainment industry and is one of the most successful actors in the world. He has been nominated for multiple awards and is known for his work on both the big screen and television. He has also written, directed, and produced several films. His performances in films like The Truman Show, Apollo 13, and Pollock have garnered him many accolades. He has also been a part of numerous stage productions.

In the early 1980s, Harris began his professional acting career on the New York stage. He starred in Sam Shepard’s acclaimed play Glengarry Glen Ross, which was adapted for the big screen by Ronald Harwood. Harris’s acting talent was recognized with an Obie Award nomination.

He made his film debut in 1978 with a small role in Michael Crichton’s Coma, but it was not until 1981 that he earned his first leading role in George A. Romero’s Knightriders, a film about a band of itinerant motorcycle jousters. He is best known for his menacing roles, most recently as the villainous Man in Black on HBO’s Westworld.

He is married

In addition to acting, Harris has a successful career as a director and writer. He has written and directed several films, including The Rock, Gone Baby Gone, A History of Violence, and A Beautiful Mind. He has also appeared in many plays and received a number of awards.

Harris has been married to actress Amy Madigan since 1983. The couple has one daughter, Lily Dolores. They met on the set of Places in the Heart, where Harris played Wayne Lomax and Madigan starred as Viola Kelsey. The pair have remained close throughout their marriage and continue to work together.

Harris began his acting career in theatre, but he gained recognition for his roles in movies such as Apollo 13, The Truman Show, and The Hours. He has also earned critical acclaim for his performances in stage plays such as George Furth’s Precious Sons and Agnieszka Holland’s To Kill a Priest. He is currently starring as the Man in Black on the HBO series Westworld.

He owns a home in Malibu

Ed Harris has an impressive acting career that has landed him on several best-actor lists. He has earned several awards and nominations including a Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. He has also appeared in many popular movies and television shows. He currently resides in Malibu, California with his wife Amy Madigan, and daughter Lily.

Harris is a four-time Oscar nominee and has received critical acclaim for his performances in Appaloosa, The Rock, Apollo 13, and Pollock. He has also been nominated for the New York Film Critics Circle Award and Obie Award.

In addition to his acting career, Harris has built a successful empire in the world of business. He owns several restaurants, has a line of perfume and cologne, a clothing collection, and is an investor in a professional sports team. He has also starred in several TV shows and miniseries, including Empire Falls (2005), Game Change (2012), and Westworld (2016).

He has a daughter

Lily Dolores Harris is the daughter of Ed Harris and his wife, Amy Madigan. She is an actress and carries a striking resemblance to her father. She is a member of the American theater and has performed in various productions. In addition to acting, she has also produced and directed movies. Her first movie was the biographical drama, Pollock.

At the beginning of her career, she appeared in several stage productions before making her debut as a film actor. Her roles in the films Borderline and Knightriders earned her much attention. She has won many awards and nominations for her work.

Harris is a family man and has a good relationship with his wife. They have been together since 1983 and are still married today. They have a daughter named Lily Dolores Harris and appear in a lot of films and stage productions together. Their marriage has been very happy and successful. They have a home in California’s Topanga Canyon and have three buildings on their property.


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