ExtraTorrents Proxy – Unblock Extra Torrent Sites

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ExtraTorrents Proxy – Unblock Extra Torrent Sites

ExtraTorrents Proxy is one of the best working proxies that will help unblock extra torrent sites and allow you to download media content without restrictions or restrictions. This method will ensure a hassle-free torrent experience!

This website offers a vast array of content including movies, TV shows, software applications, and many others. Furthermore, the service is completely free and very straightforward to navigate.

Unblock Torrenting Sites

Extratorrents is one of the top torrent sites to find high-quality content for free, offering powerful search capabilities to easily locate all types of torrent files and high-definition video content at both 720p and 1080p resolutions.

Easy and accessible on any device, this service makes downloading movies, TV shows, music, and games quick and effortless – an excellent alternative to Pirate Bay and RARBG!

However, downloading copyrighted content from these sites is illegal and could lead to legal action from its copyright holders due to violating copyright laws in your country. If this becomes an issue for you, use VPN software to unblock ExtraTorrents and other torrenting sites, thus protecting both your privacy and avoiding legal action; doing this may also increase internet speeds while helping improve them further. Alternatively, try searching for proxies with high numbers of seeds, peers, and leechers for fast download speeds.

Using a VPN

Extratorrent is one of the world’s leading torrent websites, enabling users to easily download movies, TV shows, music, games, and software using its P2P sharing system. While its user-friendly design makes this site great for downloading media files quickly and effectively; some government agencies have banned access in certain countries.

To bypass these restrictions, a VPN that supports torrenting can help. By keeping your identity anonymous and providing a secure connection, a VPN service provides excellent privacy protection while keeping you anonymous online. Furthermore, VPN servers located in countries without restrictions on torrenting can also provide the means for getting around them.

For fans of EZTV, it may come as news that its site is banned in many countries. There are, however, methods of accessing its contents; among these are proxy and mirror sites which direct internet requests to other servers cloning the original homepage and updating regularly with fresh copies allowing people to bypass any potential blockades.

Mirror Sites

Before ExtraTorrents’ closure in 2017, it was well-known as an impressive source for free movies, games, software, TV shows, and other content downloads. Plus it offered verified torrents with user reviews so users could select only high-quality files to download.

Although ExtraTorrents’ official website voluntarily closed down, other websites claiming to be proxy or mirror sites of ET quickly emerged online and continue providing high-quality content and an intuitive user experience that made ET so renowned.

Proxy servers are web servers that enable you to access other websites by concealing your IP address and location on the internet, bypassing firewalls and restrictions that prevent you from visiting certain websites. Below is a list of ExtraTorrents proxy and mirror sites with functioning proxies that allow you to navigate freely while also downloading content for free. It is important to remember that downloading copyrighted material without authorization from its owner is illegal and punishable under the law.


People across the world use this popular torrent web crawler since it offers so much in terms of movies. There are multiple mirror sites that will allow you to quickly locate what you are searching for.

While torrenting sites provide hours of fun entertainment, they also pose risks that threaten any country’s economy and could include spreading Piracy which threatens personal information security. Also, competitors could plant malware on these websites which is harmful to users’ security and can pose threats to privacy.


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