frodsham hold hunter watch for sale

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Charles Frodsham Hold Hunter Watch For Sale

A gold pocket watch with a full hunter or maisonnette style hinged cover that protects the face from damage, dust, and scratches. They are a prized possession of many collectors.

The movement has been recently serviced and kept in great condition. It also carries the prestigious ‘Frodsham 84 Strand’ signature.


Charles Frodsham was one of the finest English clock and watchmakers working in the late 19th century and early 20th century. He specialized in mantel and carriage clocks, as well as high-quality repeating and chronograph watches. A number of his watches were sent to the Kew Observatory for rigorous timing tests and achieved consistently high marks. One of his early tourbillons, for example, obtained a record mark of 93.9 (which is now in the Lord Harris Collection at Belmont in Kent).

This fine 18k yellow gold half-hunter pocket watch was made by Charles Frodsham around 1900. It features an elegant white enamel dial with Roman numerals and blue steel hands. The case is half hunting, meaning that the outer lid has a hole in it so that the hands can be seen without opening the case. It has a keyless lever movement and is signed by the maker.

It was purchased in 1933 by banker J.P. Morgan Jr – who was an avid collector of art, objects, and timepieces. The watch was then passed down through the generations of the family until it was acquired by Alexandra McCain Morgan, who is best known as the older sister of Senator John McCain. It has since been offered for sale at auction by Sotheby’s.


Charles Frodsham was a noted maker of quality timepieces and clocks. He was well known for the complexity of his works and his meticulous approach to craftsmanship. Many of his watches were sent to the Kew Observatory for rigorous timing tests, and they received high marks. His tourbillons and repeating watches also were very sought after.

The movement of this Frodsham hold hunter watches for sale is of typical English manufacture. It features a bi-metallic compensation balance and maintenance on the fusee. It has a single-foot detached lever escapement with a brass club-tooth escape wheel. The dial is enamel copper and signed ‘Arnold Chas Frodsham 7328’. It has a subsidiary seconds dial at 6 o’clock and blued steel hands.

The watch is fully functional and keeps excellent time. It is a stunning addition to any collection of antique watches and will be the envy of others. The watch is in good condition and there are no signs of wear or damage on the case or movement. If you are looking to add a beautiful vintage pocket watch to your collection, this Frodsham holds hunter is an excellent choice. Contact Mark Littler for more information. He can assist with valuations, sales, and purchases of gold watches. He has over thirty years of experience in the industry and is a member of The Antiquarian Horological Society.


The dial is hand-made with centrally positioned subsidiary seconds and the hands are beautifully painted. This watch comes with a full twelve-month warranty, has been fully serviced, and keeps perfect time.

The Frodshams were renowned for producing a large variety of quality clocks and watches. In the second half of the nineteenth century, they provided sidereal regulators for new observatories that were being built worldwide, notably in Australia at Sydney and Melbourne; in Italy at Padua, Palermo, and Naples; and in the US at Harvard and Lick Observatory. They were also known for their complication watches such as Tourbillons and Karrusel watches, many of which were submitted for observatory testing and attained high marks. For example, Charles Frodsham’s tourbillon no 09182, now in the Lord Harris Collection at Belmont, holds the record for the highest marks ever achieved by an English watch.

The company also manufactured mantel and carriage clocks, including the ‘Princess’ clock presented in 1947 to HRH Princess Elizabeth on her marriage. The firm is still in business today, proudly maintaining the exacting standards and enthusiasm of its founder.


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