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No matter if it’s for an extended weekend road trip or just your daily commute to work, having the latest traffic news from route planner can make an important difference in how efficiently and smoothly everything runs. From live journey information for specific journeys or locations to current road issues like accidents and roadworks – having this knowledge at your fingertips will be an invaluable aid when making plans or driving long distances.

You can quickly view the status of any given road, such as its speed limit and whether or not it is restricted for cars or lorries.


The A1 is one of the UK’s key transportation corridors, connecting major cities such as London and Edinburgh. As one of the busiest roads with billions of miles being driven every year along it, it’s essential that travellers check A1 traffic news before setting out. From its junction with A14 at Alconbury to Northumberland’s Angel of the North overlooking it all are possible points along this route where delays or roadworks might arise. We update this page frequently with latest A1 delays information from UK Traffic Delays which also allows users to view live road closures or incidents using our free online map tool!


After an A68 section collapsed last month, Bear Scotland led repairs that included rebuilding to road level using three phases. Temporary traffic lights have also been removed so finishing work such as kerbing, footpath construction and drainage clearance can take place uninterrupted.

Scientists still are uncertain where megaberg A68 will end up floating, although one possibility could be South Georgia in British Overseas Territory of Overseas Territories, which has become home for many of the larger tabular icebergs that ground themselves and gradually dissolve over time. Leeds University researchers used satellite data to track how its shape changed as it moved northward, ultimately discovering that by its end, enough depth had been shed off its keel for it to remain floating.


Be it for a weekend trip with the family or simply getting to work on time, getting caught in traffic jams can add time and stress to any journey. Our RAC traffic news can help by showing what is happening along your chosen route.

The A66 is an important road in northern England connecting Penrith and Scotch Corner in Cumbria with Thirsk and Malton in North Yorkshire. Ministers recently revealed their preferred option for upgrading single carriageway sections of this route between 2023-2025 into dual carriageways.

The preferred option features a three mile bypass between Penrith and Temple Sowerby and five miles of dualling from Brough to Appleby, along with the addition of a new overbridge for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders near West View Farm in the AONB and improvements at Kemplay Bank Junction.


The A63 is an important north English road, running between Leeds and Kingston upon Hull as part of the national road network and serving both urban and rural areas. It is heavily trafficked on Saturday mornings.

Drivers on an A63 Clive Sullivan Way near Hull city centre have become confused over its speed limit. Two signs within yards of each other offer conflicting advice regarding speed limits: 50mph for single carriageways and 70mph for dual carriageways.

UK Traffic Delays provides this data, updated every five minutes, as a guide only and it is important to contact local radio news sources before planning any journeys. Please allow plenty of time for travel.


The RAC route planner traffic news feature is an essential resource for motorists, providing live updates on roadworks, accidents, and any other events which could hinder a journey. Drivers can get more insight into traffic in and around a specific location by entering its postcode, town name or address; using all this data it becomes possible to see an overview of traffic conditions on any given route and plan their trips more effectively and avoid unnecessary delays.


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