Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Cover

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Although regular car maintenance can help mitigate the risk of breakdowns, they still happen occasionally. From flat batteries and soft tyres to more serious issues like brake failures and engine malfunctions, any breakdown can quickly bring your journey to a grinding halt.

Finding a provider with adequate breakdown cover will give you peace of mind should your vehicle break down, taking several factors into consideration, including:

Peace of mind

Breakdown cover offers peace of mind when something goes wrong with your car; should something arise that requires assistance, help is only ever a phone call (or app tap) away – especially during times of distress, such as when your vehicle breaks down on the motorway.

The most economical breakdown cover typically offers roadside assistance, meaning a mechanic will attempt to fix your car on the side of the road; if they cannot do this successfully, your car will be taken back to a garage for further repairs.

More expensive policies may include onward travel coverage, covering rental cars or other forms of transport to get you to your destination. Some breakdown providers also provide additional extras like courtesy vehicles or overnight accommodation.

Cover for a wide range of vehicles

Purchase of breakdown cover can be done as either an individual policy, or more commonly part of a larger package offered by insurance companies and banks. Traditional breakdown coverage models from organizations like the AA or RAC operate much like car insurance policies in that you can make claims 24/7 for assistance from flat battery jumpstarting to punctured tyre repair, while some providers even provide alternative transport, vehicle replacement services or overnight accommodation options as part of their package.

Cost of breakdown cover policies vary considerably, depending on the coverage level and number of add-ons chosen, generally speaking the more comprehensive your policy is, the higher its cost; some providers also charge an excess fee which usually gets waived in an emergency situation. You can purchase breakdown cover directly from providers, insurance policies or bank accounts or from manufacturers when purchasing a car.

Cover for the home

Homeowners today are increasingly investing in cutting-edge technologies for convenience and safety purposes. But such cutting-edge systems come at a premium if something breaks, so it’s wise to investigate your options for homeowners equipment breakdown coverage.

Residential equipment breakdown cover protects appliances and mechanical systems in your home from electrical or mechanical failure, such as power surge damage to smart devices or appliances. Often more cost-effective than purchasing home warranties, residential equipment breakdown cover often lasts for longer.

As policy providers can vary considerably in terms of coverage options available to them, it’s worth shopping around for the best deal. Furthermore, it is a good idea to regularly assess how much is being charged annually since some providers can raise prices without prior warning – one way of doing this would be by comparing quotes from various providers.

Cover for other vehicles

Traditional breakdown cover services generally operate on an annual or monthly subscription model wherein an annual or monthly fee is paid to your provider in exchange for 24/7 assistance in the event of car breakdown, such as callouts (often limited annually), towing charges, repairs or car rentals if necessary and roadside recovery if required. Some providers even offer pay and claim options which require you to cover costs upfront before sending receipts back for reimbursement later on.

Breakdown covers aren’t legally mandated but can provide added peace of mind on long journeys. They’re available from many different providers – car manufacturers, banks, insurance companies and add-on policies with car and home insurers among them – plus they may cover vans, LGVs, private hire vehicles (PHV), taxis as well as motorbikes and caravans!


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