Honor X9 5G Review

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Honor X9, their latest smartphone in their X series, builds upon previous models with its sleek design that resembles that of the HONOR 50 and X7 but boasts some distinct features.

It boasts an excellent battery life with fast charging capability and comes equipped with a 120Hz screen and powerful processor for smooth performance.


Honor X9 is an affordable 5G phone with impressive specs for its price. It boasts an attractive display, powerful processor, ample storage space and fast charging battery – not to mention fingerprint sensor security and an outstanding camera!

Honor X9 offers an excellent screen for its price, with vivid colors and outstanding black reproduction. However, its LCD technology may turn some people off. Furthermore, maximum brightness levels may not meet user needs.

The Honor X9 is powered by a 6nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 4G chipset and runs Magic UI 4.2 based on Android 11. It comes equipped with an advanced 120Hz refresh rate display, 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, as well as boasting a 4800mAh battery that should provide sufficient juice to last through two full days of heavy usage. Furthermore, multiple apps can run without slowing or crashing simultaneously – the only drawback being its lack of HDR support – something most phones nowadays come equipped with.


Honor has chosen a modern design with thin bezels and a central camera hole, though its appearance doesn’t compare as favourably to something like the OnePlus 6T with its matte back and rounded corners.

The camera bump of the HONOR X9 is round and sits centered in its rear casing, offering an interesting design choice that strives to set it apart, but is quickly marred by fingerprints and dust build-up.

HONOR’s X9 comes equipped with Android 11 preinstalled, along with their proprietary Magic UI 4.2 overlay. Although not as intrusive as Xiaomi’s MIUI, this alternative does depart from typical Android conventions a bit. In addition to Honor-branded apps and services you’ll also find Google services here as a plus; though that might make the phone slightly different. Nonetheless, this affordable option boasts impressive camera array and powerful processor capabilities – an appealing combination.


Honor X9 5G is an impressive phone with solid hardware and an enjoyable software experience, but its photography falls flat on its face. Although it takes decent daylight images, these are marred by software glitches which leave a disappointing image quality; for instance, when shooting in low lighting situations the viewfinder lags and you get a toast message telling you to hold on while it processes the picture.

Magic UI also displays aggressive behaviors when killing applications to save battery, leading to an unpleasant user experience. Furthermore, its opaque features such as automatically switching between dark mode and light mode depending on time of day are extremely inconvenient for modern flagship phones; moreover it doesn’t support third-party icon packs either; instead using only its branded options for apps that come preloaded on it by default is annoying.


The HONOR X9 5G stands out with an exceptional battery life that makes it the ideal phone for users who rely on their phone for calls, web browsing and social media use. Thanks to its powerful chipset and software features, its long lasting charge can last all day without needing a powerbank!

It features an 6.81-inch IPS LCD screen and features a small circular punch hole for its front-facing camera, giving an incredible 91% screen-to-body ratio. In addition, there is also a side-mounted fingerprint sensor to provide added security.

Only downside is it ships with Android 11, which is now out-of-date. Magic UI 4.2 stands out as being different than standard Android conventions and not as snappy compared to current offerings like OnePlus Nord 2. Additionally, charging from empty to 100% takes around two hours which may put off potential buyers; but its camera could prove itself invaluable!


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