How to Deaktivieren a PS4 

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In case you have a PS4 system that you don’t use any longer, or want to move it to another house, you should deactivate it. This will ensure that no one else can play your games or access your account.

This is an important step for any PlayStation 4 owner – and luckily, it’s easy to do. But be warned: This only works for a total of six months!

How to deactivate your PS4

If you’re selling your PS4 or giving it away, you may want to deactivate it so it won’t be linked to your account. This can help ensure you don’t lose any of your games or other content that you’ve purchased on the PlayStation Store.

You can deactivate your PS4 from the console itself or from Sony’s website. Either way, you’ll need to sign in with your PSN account and then go to the “Device Management” section.

After that, you’ll see a few subsections and a button called “PlayStation Consoles”. Click on the bottom right to deactivate your console.

Note: You can only deactivate your PS4 once every six months, though. That’s fine if you don’t plan on deactivating your console very often, but it can be annoying if you do want to keep it around for long periods of time.

When you deactivate your PS4, all the activated devices associated with your account will be removed from your network. This includes all your downloaded games, saved data, and settings.

Why do I need to deactivate my PS4?

If you are selling your PS4 or passing it on to someone else, it is important to deactivate it first. It will help ensure that the console is not able to be accessed by anyone else.

In addition, it will keep your personal information secure. If you do not deactivate the console, it can be hacked and used to access your account or data.

You can do this by logging into your PlayStation Network account and deactivating all devices on your account once every six months. It is important to note that this will deactivate all consoles associated with your account, including any previously sold ones.

You can also use the ‘Restore Licenses’ option to reactivate any games or other digital purchases you made. This will reset your PlayStation Network ID and any entitlement data for games you purchased from the store.

How do I deactivate my PS4?

If you’re selling or giving away your PS4, you may need to deactivate it beforehand. You can do this remotely by signing in to PlayStation from a desktop browser and clicking the “Deactivate All Devices” option.

You can also deactivate your console on the console itself. It’s a quick and easy process, but it will erase all of your personal information and data so no one else can use it.

It’s important to remember that you can only activate one PlayStation console per account. This means that other users of your console can use applications and some of the benefits of the PlayStation Plus subscription even when they’re not logged in.

You can also deactivate your PlayStation consoles by factory resetting them. This will delete all of your data and return your console to its factory settings, which can take several hours.

How do I deactivate my PS4 online?

If you don’t want to use your PS4 anymore, you can deactivate it online. This will remove it from your PlayStation Network account so you can set up a new console using your PlayStation Network ID.

To do this, log in to your PlayStation Network account and go to Settings > Account Management. Select Activate as Your Primary PS4 and then choose Deactivate from the menu that appears.

You can also deactivate a system via the customer support website for your country or region. This can only be used if you’re not able to deactivate your PlayStation system remotely.

This method can only be used once every six months so it’s not ideal if you need to deactivate your PS4 frequently. However, it’s the best option if you don’t plan to use your PS4 again and don’t want to risk losing your data on the device.


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