I’m Villainess But I Become a Mother Spoiler

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A villainess’s backstory is one of the key elements to understanding her character. It often involves some kind of tragedy or injustice that has led her down the path of evil.

When daycare teacher Haena Seo falls asleep reading her favorite novel, she wakes up to find herself as Duchess Roselia Chaid, the abusive stepmother of Ainspener Chaid—the main villain in the story!


After a long day at her children’s daycare center, 28-year old Haena Seo falls asleep reading her favorite novel. The next thing she knows, she is the infamous Duchess Roselia Chaid, abuser of Ainspener Chaid, the main villain in the novel! Her innate motherly instincts take over as she takes a liking to her stepson, whom she is determined to give the happy childhood that he never had in the novel.

But being a villainess is not an easy job. It is a dangerous, lonely life full of twisted emotions. She has to learn how to parent her child and not lose herself in the process. She also has to keep the Anti-Villain League at bay as she steals a map that leads to a treasure. A villainess’ backstory is a key element in her character development and transformation. It usually includes a tragedy or injustice that led her down the path of evil.


A villainess is typically a cold, heartless woman who only cares about herself. Her backstory is often tragic and reveals what led her down the path of evil. However, once she becomes a mother, she undergoes a transformation and learns the value of life. This transformation is what makes the villainess such a fascinating character.

For Selena, the change may have been motivated by her desire to win back Claude from Lilia. Considering that she failed to win him over at Mische Academy, she is now determined to make him her demon king fiance again. This may be even more important given that he is the heir to the Empire’s human half.

Unfortunately, her son Einspanner Chaid is also a villain who is destined to murder Roselia. She must therefore protect him and safely raise him to avoid his ruthless awakening! This is a difficult task that will prove to be much harder than she initially thought.


A villainess’ backstory is often the key to understanding her character. She may have suffered a great tragedy or injustice that led her down the path of evil. She also has a transformation that allows her to learn the value of life and change her ways.

While she is still a villain, the villainess as mother is an interesting and unique take on motherhood. It provides a fresh perspective on parenting and raises many questions about how she would parent her own child. The story is full of twists and turns that will keep you hooked until the end.


The villainess is a fascinating character that offers a different take on the typical mother figure. While most mothers are portrayed as nurturing and loving figures, the villainess is often cold-hearted and heartless. This is what makes her transformation so interesting, as she becomes a mother and learns the value of life.

Despite her heinous past, the new Roselia decides to give her stepson the happy childhood that he never had in the novel, talking to him daily, accompanying him at mealtimes, and even taking him on outings. She hopes to keep him from becoming the ruthless villain that he was destined to become by instilling his love and affection into him.

I’m a Villainess but I Became a Mother is an amazing manga that will keep you hooked until the end. With its unique storyline and beautiful artwork, this manga is definitely worth reading! So what are you waiting for?


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