Katy Perry Goes Viral For Mid-Concert Eye Glitch

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Katy Perry goes viral for mid-concert eye glitch i7ekK9UzRk

Katy Perry has finally cleared up concerns surrounding a video that went viral showing the singer seemingly suffering an eye glitch mid-concert. The 38-year-old entertainer wowed her audience in Las Vegas when she appeared to experience a severe twitch that prevented her from keeping her right eye open. But instead of panicking she acted as though nothing had happened and continued on with her show.

Video of Katy Perry’s Eye Glitch Goes Viral

A viral TikTok video of Katy Perry’s mid-concert eye glitch has sent many fans into a frenzy. The 38-year-old singer looked like she had a twitch in her right eye that caused it to close and then remained shut. Despite the twitch, she went on with her performance as if nothing had happened. Fans took to social media to express their concerns and jokingly speculated that the “Teenage Dream” singer was actually a robot or clone.

Now, Katy is addressing all of the speculation by explaining that the moment was simply one of her party tricks. The “California Gurls” singer shared the clip to promote more dates for her Las Vegas residency titled ‘PLAY.’ She captioned the clip with a wink and a smile, letting everyone know that the infamous eye glitch was nothing to worry about. It was a little trick she uses to give her glam team real-time feedback while she gets her makeup done.

Katy Perry Explains Why Her Eye Glitch Happened

As fans celebrated Perry’s 38th birthday with her fiance Orlando Bloom and 3-year-old daughter Daisy, the singer threw them for a wild loop when a video surfaced of her eye seemingly opening and closing uncontrollably. Some speculated that the issue was caused by the Covid vaccine she recently received, but the Center for Disease Control clarified that the most common side effects of the vaccine do not include issues with the eyes.

The Roar singer shared a video to Instagram with the moment of her eye “glitch” while promoting the new 2023 dates for her Las Vegas residency show titled PLAY. In the clip, Perry stares into the camera while holding her hand up to her face in an attempt to open her eye.

The Fireworks hitmaker then explains that her twitching eye was actually a part of the show, joking that it’s like one of those baby dolls with an open and shut eye.

Katy Perry Clears Up Concerns About Her Eye Glitch

Katy Perry has put a stop to the rumors that she experienced a scary eye glitch on stage. The 38-year-old pop singer recently posted a video to Instagram to share the details of the incident that went viral, which had fans worried about her health.

The clip shows the Dark House crooner struggling to open her right eye as she stares into the audience. The diva touched the side of her face in an attempt to correct the issue, and she finally was able to open her eyes properly.

Some fans were concerned about the incident, while others made jokes about it. One person said that Perry looked like a baby doll that had its eye kept closed. Other people pointed out that the twitching was likely just part of her performance, since she often mimics a doll-like character while performing.

Katy Perry’s Eye Glitch Explained

Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and she gave fans a scare during her latest performance when her eye seemed to twitch on stage. A viral TikTok video showed the ‘Never Really Over’ singer struggling to open her right eye as she sang.

Many netizens became concerned for the 38-year-old, with some speculating that the incident was a side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine she received. Others, however, debunked the rumors, noting that it could have been caused by a botox injection — a treatment that has been linked to droopy eyes.

Hardcore Katy Perry fans also pointed out that the whole situation was just part of her show’s skits. Her Las Vegas residency is themed around the story of a doll who lives in a toy box, and the ‘California Girls‘ singer often acts out scenes involving her character. Others joked that her twitchy eye was exactly what she was going for.


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