Luma Soda Net Worth 2022

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Luma soda is a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks that contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. It is sweetened with natural ingredients such as Honey and Monk fruit.

Jim Otteson founded Luma Soda in 2017. He got a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Brigham Young University and also attended law school at Yale University.

What is Luma Soda?

Luma Soda is a healthier soda drink that is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. It is made with natural ingredients like Honey and Monk fruit to make it a delicious and healthy alternative to other carbonated drinks.

It is available in various flavors like- Blood Orange, Cola, Cherry, and Lemon Lime. It has only 4 grams of sugar and contains no artificial sweeteners or colors.

Jim Ottosen founded Luma Soda in 2017 to create a calorie-free soda that is made with natural ingredients. This drink is a healthier alternative to sports drinks, sodas, and apple juice which contain too much sugar.

He created this drink after he realized that diet sodas can be harmful to his health and that they were filled with too much sugar and preservatives. So, he stopped drinking these sodas and started looking for a low-calorie drink. He found many products that claim to be low-calorie sodas but they didn’t meet his needs.

Who is Jim Otteson?

Until 2017, Otteson was an attorney specializing in patent infringement. He got his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Brigham Young University and also attended law school at Yale University from 1988 to 1991. He later went on to work as a Judicial Clerk for the Idaho Supreme Court until 1992.

While he was in the legal field, he began to realize that soda was a problem for many people. After reading about the negative side effects of aspartame, Otteson set out to create a healthier alternative. Using what he calls the best ingredients in the right proportions, he created Luma Soda. Currently, it’s available at a number of restaurants including Sancho’s Taqueria and Terun, as well as grocery stores like Country Sun Natural Foods and Piazza’s Fine Foods.

What is Luma Soda’s formula?

Founded in 2017, Luma Soda is a company that produces a line of sodas with minimal sugar and no preservatives. The drink is sweetened with natural honey and monk fruit juice. It also features flavors and colors from fruits and vegetables and does not contain any artificial preservatives like sodium benzoate.

Otteson, who is a trial attorney for 26 years, used to guzzle diet soda when preparing for trials but quickly discovered that it was loaded with additives and harmful chemicals. He wanted to find a healthier alternative that was low in calories.

He decided to quit his job as a lawyer and focus on producing his own line of sodas, Luma Soda. He took out a home equity loan and risked everything on the project. He then launched the company in January 2017.

How did Luma Soda get on Shark Tank?

A lot of entrepreneurs appear on the popular television program, “Shark Tank,” to get a business investment from wealthy tycoons. Some of these businesses become successful, and others are not able to make it.

Jim Otteson is the creator of Luma Soda, and he got on Shark Tank to pitch his drink. He wants to raise $500K for a 20% stake in his company, which equates to a $2.5 million valuation.

The product is different from other carbonated drinks because it doesn’t have any preservatives or artificial ingredients. It also contains less than four grams of sugar per can.

The drink is available in four flavors — cola, cherry cola, lemon-lime, and blood orange. It’s sold online and at select retailers in the United States.

What happened to Luma Soda after Shark Tank?

When people appear on TV shows like Shark Tank, they’re looking to secure financial investments from self-made business titans. The majority of people who secure backing from tycoons eventually gain significant growth and profits.

Several of these companies go on to become mainstream. One such business is Luma Soda, which appeared on Season 10 of “Shark Tank.”

Jim Otteson founded Luma Soda after he became concerned about the toxins in diet sodas. He decided to create a healthier, low-calorie beverage that’s sweetened with monk fruit and contains no caffeine, stevia, or aspartame.

The company has four flavors, including cola, cherry cola, lemon/lime, and blood orange. It has been selling well online and in local stores in Palo Alto. It’s distributed in grocery stores such as Sancho’s Taqueria, Terun, Country Sun Natural Foods, and Piazza’s Fine Foods.


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