MAFS star’s eye-watering Only-fans payperday

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Jessika Power was renowned for her full lips on Married At First Sight, but her plastic surgery bill is nothing short of eye-watering.

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are still together after their MAFS experiment. They are also proud parents of gorgeous twin boys, Levi and Tate.

MAFS star Alyssa’s “dirty” behavior at the reunion dinner party has gone too far. X-rated footage rocks the semi-final of MAFS as one husband’s baffling naked call is exposed.

Jessika Power’s plastic surgery bill is nothing short of eye-watering

The Married At First Sight star has reportedly spent an eye-watering $60k on cosmetic surgery in the past 18 months. She’s had her lips dissolved and reinjected, cheeks filled, Botox injected in her jaw, veneers, and Botox in her forehead.

The blonde bombshell is also known to have had a tummy tuck, and DD breast implants, and regularly gets Botox.

She has also racked up a fortune on autologous fat graft, which involves having fat cells taken out of her body and then injected into her breasts.

She has also sworn by the Cookie Diet, which is a diet that uses cookies to suppress your appetite.

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are still together

Despite the plethora of rocky love stories that have emerged from MAFS, there is one couple who has managed to survive and continue to love each other. And that couple is season two stars, Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr!

The pair met on MAFS back in 2016 and with the exception of a brief breakup in 2017, they remain incredibly happy together. They’ve kept their relationship out of the public eye and even moved into a new house in Melbourne last year.

And they’ve just welcomed twin boys into the world! It’s a huge milestone for the MAFS star and her husband.

And it’s just another success story from season eight of the show. Cam and Jules were the first couples to get married post-experiment, tying the knot in January 2018. They’re also parents to a gorgeous little boy Ollie and continue to work as the CEO of their shapewear line Figur. The duo is loving life and sharing lots of cute family snaps on Instagram.

Cam and Jules are married

MAFS star Jules Robinson and her cricketer beau Cameron Merchant were the pictures of love and happiness at their wedding this weekend. The reality TV stars tied the knot in a stunning ceremony that was televised on A Current Affair.

They had a fairy-tale wedding, with decorations and flowers that were nothing short of spectacular. And Jules’ dress was nothing short of swoon-worthy – she wore a pink feathered lace creation by Nicky Velani, which was fitted to her body perfectly.

It looks like their journey has only just begun, as the pair have announced they are expecting their first child.

Their son is due in April 2020, and they are so happy.

In the time since they appeared on Married at First Sight, Jules and Cam have forged a healthy and strong marriage, while working hard to improve their relationship. It’s no wonder the couple is dubbed the season’s golden couple.

Dom Calarco and Olivia Calarco are still together

In a year of MAFS eye-watering storylines, the cast has often thrown their weight around – and there’s no doubt that the women are fiercely competitive. This latest feud between Dom Calarco and Olivia Frazer is no exception to this rule.

MAFS viewers have taken to social media to share their frustrations after Olivia allegedly leaked an OnlyFans nude photo of Domenica without her consent.

However, despite their recent public spats, both Dom and Olivia have admitted they are still together.

“We’re still very much in love, we just live a little different life than when we were filming,” she tells Kidspot.

She also revealed that she and Jackson have a romantic relationship and they are often seen together on Instagram.

The two are now promoting their new podcast Sit With Us, in which they discuss their time on MAFS and what’s next. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers soon! Until then, stay tuned to Kidspot for more updates on all the latest MAFS news.


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