Neringa Križiūtė is Successful Actress Artist Model And Has A Strong Following On Social Media

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Neringa Kriziute is a Lithuanian model who has wowed the world with her hot body and charismatic personality. She is also a painter and has displayed her works in various art galleries.

She studied painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and is majorly focused on describing the poetic feel of various objects. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions, including Vivid Dreams (2017) at the Vilnius Art Center and At the Margins of Shadows (2018) at Meno Parkas Gallery.

Net Worth

Neringa Kriziute is a Successful Actress Artist Model And Has A Strong Follower On Instagram (the World’s Most Popular Photo and Video sharing Social Media Platform). She Is Very Famous for Posting Photos with Unique Poses and She Has More than 4.7 Million followers on Her Instagram Handle.

She is 27 years old and she was born in Kaunas, Lithuania. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 58 Kg, and has Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes.

As of 2022, she has more than 4.7 Million Followers on Her Instagram Account and 25 K subscribers on Her YouTube Channel.

In addition to her modeling career, she is also a painter. Her paintings have been displayed in Galerija Meno Parkas Art Gallery and Vilnius Art Center.

Her artwork focuses on the poetic descriptions of different objects. She is also interested in the depiction of both seen and unseen aspects of an object. She is a graduate of the Vilnius Academy of Art.


Neringa Kriziute Age, Height, Net Worth, and more

Neringa Kriziute is an acclaimed Instagram celebrity who is a painter and model. She has a huge fan following and has created many videos that are trending on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Her charismatic personality and enchanting smile have made her a successful model. She is also an accomplished painter and has appeared in various exhibitions at the Galerija Meno Parkas art gallery in Lithuania and Vilnius Art Center.

She has an extensive number of followers on Instagram and a large Twitter community. Her sizzling pictures have made her a popular star on every social media platform.

She finished her Master’s program in Painting studies in 2016-2018 from Vilnius Academy of Art and has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the same institution. She began modeling and giving tries out for TV shows and motion pictures after graduating. Her fire-breathed figure and growing fan base have tempted various brands to approach her for modeling. These include Boohoo, Longue, Pretty Little Thing, One Swim, and Fashion Nova.


Neringa Kriziute is an aspiring Lithuanian artist and model, who came into the limelight for her bold, curvaceous, and eye-catching photos on Instagram. She has a large number of followers on her social media accounts and has worked with several brands.

She is also a painter and her paintings have been displayed in Meno Parkas Art display, Vilnius Art Center, and other famous galleries. She is interested in light and dark contradictions, tranquility, and disquiet, and something is seen and unseen.

Her paintings are visual diaries of observation that correspond to interior situations or stages in life. They have a lyrical juxtaposition of items and sometimes border on abstraction.

She has a large following on her Instagram account, and her posts are always interesting and engaging. You can conduct a thorough analysis of her account by examining the key metrics like authentic engagement, audience quality score, and more in the full HypeAuditor Instagram report.


Neringa Kriziute is a Lithuanian aspirant model, artist, and Instagram star who has earned millions of followers on the social media platform. She is popular for her bold, curvaceous, and eye-catching photos and modeling content.

She has a large following on the social networking site and has collaborated with many brands like Fashion Nova to promote their products. She is also a painter and her paintings have been featured at Galerija Meno Parkas Art Gallery and Vilnius Art Center in multiple exhibitions.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million in 2022, based on her earnings from various sources including modeling, brand endorsements, drawing, social media apps, and business ventures.

Neringa Kriziute has a huge following on Twitter, which is partly attributed to her keenness to engage with her fans. She posts primarily indifferent lingerie and bikini-wear pictures on the platform. Her fans are constantly asking questions and she is more than happy to answer them.


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