Philips GreenPerform Highbay G5 LED Highbay

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Efficacy & Efficiency

The GreenPerform Highbay G5 family is one of the best LED high bays on the market, boasting leading system efficacy and extended long-term quality. It also promises unified UGR control and smart integration with IoT software.

One of the things that stands out about this model is the way it connects two sets of LEDs in parallel without any current mirror arrangement. This can lead to issues if one of the strings fails to short circuit (it will force the remaining string to take all of the currents since the current is exponentially related to voltage drop).

Additionally, this design may cause the LEDs on the edge of the unit to be overheated, leading to them changing color or failing soon (since they will need to absorb more of the overall current). Neither issue is catastrophic but it’s worth mentioning.

Unified Glare Rating (UGR)

From the back, it’s obvious that there is plenty of thermal mass to keep the LEDs cool and long-lived, as the MCPCB seems to be sitting on a thick bed of aluminum with ridges for heat transfer. There are also copper areas that seem to be used to cool the MCPCB.

A “bridge” shaped piece covers the circular portion of the MCPCB and contains the current driver electronics. This is a good way to isolate the electronics from the LED strings, as this prevents them from heating up too much (and increasing their current consumption), and potentially changing the chromaticity/color temperature of the LEDs.

The rear of the unit has a threaded pole mount that can be locked into place using a securing screw, and there are threaded holes on either side that would accommodate a hook mount (which probably suits most warehouse “chain style” hanging). There’s also a visible power factor rating of 0.95.

Flexibility & adaptability

Adaptable a las necesidades de cada aplicacion, GreenPerform Highbay G5 está diseado para la iluminacion de grandes fachadas y estructuras, y ofrece una luz suficientemente potente como para iluminar dinamizadamente a gran escala acentos arquitectónicos. Incorpora tecnologa Powercore para aceptar directamente voltaje de linea, simplificando enormemente el instalacion y reduciendo el coste total del sistema.

Philips GreenPerform Highbay G5 tiene amplia portfolio de lamparas LED que incluyen varias opciones de orientación. Los diferentes modelos ofrecen ahorro en energia, altas capacidades de control y longa duración.

Vaya Linear LED es un dispositivo LED integrado para luces secundarias y baos. Esta serie avanza con tecnologa IoT para un sistema controlable y futurista, asegurando una calidad de iluminación y una garanta a largo plazo de vida. Está disponible en dos y tres variantes, de tamao y forma.


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