Rays 2200W Glass Electric Kettle RSA-4001

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A glass electric kettle is a type of electric kettle that features a glass body or a glass window to allow users to see the water-boiling process



The main body of the kettle is made of glass. This provides a clear view of the water boiling process and adds a modern and sleek look to the kitchen.

Heating Element:


The heating element is often concealed within the base of the kettle. This helps in easier cleaning and maintenance.



Glass electric kettles come in various capacities, typically ranging from 1 to 2 liters. Choose a capacity that suits your daily usage.



Like other electric kettles, glass kettles come with different power ratings. Higher wattage generally means faster boiling.


Temperature Control:


Some glass electric kettles offer variable temperature control, allowing you to heat water to specific temperatures for different beverages.

Boil-Dry Protection:


Look for a kettle with boil-dry protection, a safety feature that automatically turns off the kettle when it detects that there’s no water inside.

Auto Shut-Off:


Many electric kettles, including glass ones, have an auto shut-off feature that turns off the kettle once the water reaches boiling point. This enhances energy efficiency and safety.

Water Level Indicator:


A transparent water level indicator on the side of the kettle helps you see how much water is inside.

Ease of Cleaning:


Check if the kettle has a removable and washable filter, and if the design facilitates easy cleaning.

Brand and Reviews:


Consider reputable brands with positive customer reviews for reliability and product satisfaction.

Additional Features:


Some glass kettles may have additional features like LED lights, different brewing options, or special spouts for precise pouring.


when selecting a glass electric kettle, it’s essential to consider factors such as capacity, power, corded or cordless design, temperature control, safety features, ease of cleaning, and the overall brand reputation. The transparency of the glass allows for a visual experience of the boiling process, adding a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. Reading product reviews and checking specifications will help you find a glass electric kettle that aligns with your preferences, ensuring a convenient and efficient way to boil water for your daily needs.

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