Riley Reid Finally Finds Someone and Announces Engagement on Latvian Social Media

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The famous porn star Riley Reid has finally found someone! She recently married Latvian Parkour star Pasha Petkuns. The couple has been together for a long time and kept it on the low until they announced their engagement in 2020.

In a 2018 episode of Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast, Reid opened up about how one of her ex-partners made her feel ‘disgusting’ because of her career as an adult performer. She has since spoken about how she is happy that she found a man who supports her work.

What is her relationship status with Pasha Petkuns?

Riley Reid is one of the most well-compensated adult actresses on the planet. She has appeared in more than 100 pornos and has won numerous awards for her work. She has also won various XBIZ grants. Reid has an estimated total worth of $12 million. She has a lavish Los Angeles estate that she purchased in 2021. The property cost $4.8 million and caused a media commotion when she bought it.

Reid has spoken about her struggle to find a man who is supportive of her career choice. In an episode of the Impulsive podcast with Logan Paul, she revealed that an ex-partner made her feel ‘disgusting’ for her line of work.

Fortunately, Reid found a man who is able to support her and her career in adult films. Reid married free runner and Red Bull Art Motion Champion Pavel Petkuns in June 2021. The couple vowed to remain together until death and their close relatives attended the ceremony.

What is her relationship status with Rudy Gobert?

There have been rumors that Riley Reid is dating Rudy Gobert, a French professional basketball player. However, there is no evidence of these rumors. It is highly unlikely that the two are in a romantic relationship.

Rudy Gobert is a private person and does not like to become part of controversies. Therefore, he keeps very little information about his personal life public. However, he does enjoy spending time with his family. He often posts photos of himself with his mother on social media. He also enjoys birthday celebrations with his family.

Despite these rumors, Riley Reid is happy with her husband and does not want to discuss her love life publicly. She has been married to a movement artist named Pasha Petkuns since June 2021. The couple has a young daughter together. Riley Reid has been in the adult industry for over 10 years and has appeared in more than 800 adult films. She has also starred in several television shows and movies.

What is her relationship status with Pavel Petkuns?

Riley Reid, real name Ashley Mathews, has been struggling to find a man who is comfortable with her porn career. She recently spoke about her struggles on the Impulsive podcast with Logan Paul and claimed that an ex-boyfriend made her feel like a ‘disgusting person’ because of her job.

The award-winning adult actress is now happily married to free runner Pasha Petkuns, who also happens to be the Red Bull Art of Motion champion. The couple is based in Los Angeles and they share a beautiful home together.

Pasha has earned a lot of money through his professional career and is one of the most successful parkour athletes in the world. He has an impressive social media following with over 1.4 million followers. Recently, he posted a photo of himself and Riley on Instagram. The post sparked controversy among the parkour community. Some people believe that the couple is promoting sexual activity. Others argue that the pair is simply exercising their right to privacy.

Who is her husband?

Riley Reid is now married to free runner and Red Bull Art Motion Champion Pavel Petkuns. The couple got married in July 2021 and kept the ceremony private until they publicly announced it on social media.

The couple has a daughter and are living happily together in Los Angeles. Recently, Reid dropped $4.8 million for a newly built estate in Pasadena with stunning views of the city and canyon.

In an interview with Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast in 2018, Reid opened up about her struggles to find a partner who would accept her work as an adult performer. She said her ex made her feel “disgusting” and refused to kiss her when she came home from her job.

In her latest Instagram post, Reid expressed gratitude for her husband and wished him a happy birthday. The photo has received over 2.6 million likes and has more than 17,000 comments. She also tagged her mother, stepfather, and sister in the caption.


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