Sony MDR-Z7M2 Hi-Res Stereo Overhead Headphones

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Sony MDR-Z7M2 Hi-Res Stereo Overhead Headphones

The Sony MDR-Z7M2 is a pair of high-resolution stereo overhead headphones produced by Sony, a well-known electronics manufacturer. These headphones are designed to provide a premium audio experience, particularly for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who prioritize sound quality.

Here are some features and specifications that are commonly associated with the Sony MDR-Z7M2 headphones:


High-Resolution Audio.

 They are capable of reproducing frequencies beyond the range of typical headphones, resulting in clearer, more accurate sound.

Driver Technology Comfort and Design.

The headphones likely feature large and high-quality audio drivers to deliver rich and accurate sound. This contributes to improved bass response, clear midrange, and crisp treble.

The MDR-Z7M2 headphones are designed to be comfortable for extended listening sessions. They typically feature plush ear pads and an adjustable headband for a customized fit.

Closed-Back Design Build Quality.

The closed-back design of the headphones helps isolate the listener from external noise, providing a more focused and immersive listening experience. This also helps prevent sound leakage, making them suitable for private listening.

Sony is known for its build quality, and the MDR-Z7M2 headphones likely use premium materials to ensure durability and longevity.

  • Connectivity: 

The headphones may feature various connectivity options, such as a standard 3.5mm audio jack or a balanced audio connection for improved audio quality.

  • Cable and Accessories

The headphones might come with detachable cables, which can be useful for convenience and maintenance. They may also include additional accessories like a carrying case or adapter.

  • Impedance and Sensitivity

The impedance and sensitivity of the headphones can influence how easy they are to drive with various audio sources. Higher-impedance headphones might require more power to achieve optimal sound.

  • Sound Signature

The headphones may have a specific sound signature, which could lean towards neutrality, balanced sound, or emphasize certain frequencies to cater to different listener preferences.

Here are some aspects of the Sony MDR-Z7M2 headphones’ quality that were commonly noted:

  • Audio Performance.

Many users and reviewers praised the headphones for their high-resolution audio capabilities and detailed sound reproduction.

Sony MDR-Z7M2 headphone’s prices

  • Retailer:

Different retailers may offer different prices for the same headphones. Larger retailers or official Sony stores might have standardized prices, while smaller or third-party sellers could have varying prices.

  • Region: 

Prices can vary by region and country due to factors like taxes, import duties, and local market conditions.

  • Condition:

 Be sure to check whether you’re looking at new, open-box, or pre-owned options.

  • Accessories:

Some sellers might bundle the headphones with accessories like cables, carrying cases, or headphone amplifiers, which could affect the overall price.

  • Time and Availability:

Prices might fluctuate over time due to sales, promotions, or changes in availability. You might find better deals during holiday seasons or special sales events.

  • Currency Fluctuations:

Exchange rates can impact the price if you’re purchasing from an international retailer.


To find the most accurate and up-to-date pricing for the Sony MDR-Z7M2 headphones, I recommend checking popular online retailers, electronics stores, or Sony’s official website. Additionally, you can search for recent reviews or articles that mention the current pricing for these headphones.

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