The 3 Loves in Your Lifetime

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Some people believe that you only fall in love 3 times in your lifetime. The first is the idealistic love that feels like the love in fairy tails.

The second is the crazy love that can bring you down to earth and teach you the lesson of a lifetime. The third is the love that will break all of your preconceived notions about how love should feel.

First Love

First love is the first time you experience powerful sensations of euphoria and bonding with another person. It’s a love that changes how you view romantic attachment forever and can be hard to forget, even years later. It often comes with other new milestones, like physical firsts — kissing, having sex, and more. It may also be the first time you’ve experienced major heartbreak when your relationship ends.

Buckley believes that one of the reasons why people can’t forget their first loves is that their brains are impacted by the “oxytocin hormone,” which makes you physically close to someone and feel affectionate toward them. It’s also the reason that they often get hung up on the first person they fall for, even after their relationship is over.

While it might be tempting to stay with your first love because they seem like a match out of a movie, the truth is that they’ll likely be your worst mate. This is because they haven’t developed the emotional sophistication to deal with setbacks in a healthy way, and their naivete feeds their idealization of them. They’ll compliment you in ways that you could never imagine, and they’ll expect to be complimented back. They’re the love that breaks all of the rules and goes against your notions of what love should be.

Second Love

Depending on the circumstances, this love can be short-lived or it may last for years. It can be dramatic and full of heartache, but it will probably teach you a lot about the way you want to love someone else. This is the love that breaks all of your rules and expectations about how you think a relationship should be. They compliment you in ways that you didn’t know were possible, and you do the same for them. It’s the kind of crazy love that makes your heart skip a beat.

It’s the kind of love that forces you to confront all your fears about intimacy, and it will be the most intense of the three loves in your lifetime. It’s the love that teaches you to trust and to let go, even though it hurts. It’s the kind of love that is worth fighting for, and the one that you will tell your kids and grandkids about.

It takes courage to put yourself out there again after your first love, and this time it’s different. You notice red flags and listen to your gut, but you also convince yourself that this is the one because of the way they make you feel. This is the kind of love that takes time to build and can be a challenge to keep going.

Third Love

Your third love is the one that makes you question everything you thought you knew about love. The one that teaches you about commitment and sacrifice, but that also feels like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s a love that forces you to face your fears and take responsibility for your actions. This type of relationship is not easy, but it’s a loving one and can last a lifetime.

This kind of love is often the hardest to find and can take years to develop. It’s the type of love that creeps up on you, and when it does, it is a love that changes your life forever. It is a love that will help you to build a soulmate connection and understand what it means to be in a true partnership.

While it may seem that your first and second loves were failures, they were actually helping you to grow into the person you are today. They were preparing you for your eventual third love. This is the type of love that will stand the test of time and be the one that your kids and grandchildren will hope to find for themselves someday. The kind of love that will be there for you no matter what.


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