The Innumerable Advantages of Self-Publishing For Modern Authors

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Whether you’re an established author or are just starting out, self-publishing can be a rewarding and lucrative path to publishing success. But the decision to take on all of the responsibilities that come with publishing your own book can be intimidating and confusing.

Luckily, there are many advantages to self-publishing that you’ll want to know about before committing to the process. In this article, we’ll tackle some of the most common misconceptions and explain why self-publishing is an excellent option for modern authors.

1. You Have Full Creative Control

There are many reasons why self-publishing is becoming a popular option for authors. One of the biggest benefits is that it offers you the opportunity to retain creative control over your work.

Traditional publishers often tamper with an author’s vision by making changes to their book without their approval. For example, a publisher may change the genre of a novel and make it into something different than the author intended.

This can taint an author’s image and negatively impact their career.

Another big pro of self-publishing is that it allows you to keep the rights to your work, which can be important if you want to turn your books into movies or TV shows. Additionally, you can earn significantly higher royalties than with traditional publishers.

In addition, you can get your book to market faster with self-publishing. With the right tools, you can complete your manuscript today and publish it online tomorrow.

2. You Can Reach Exactly Who You Want

If you’re an author with a story to tell, self-publishing is the ideal way to reach your target audience. You can self-publish your book in print, e-book, audio, and more, and you have full creative control over every aspect of the process.

For example, you can decide whether your book will be released as a hardcover or paperback, how much to charge for it, and which fonts, colors, and sizes you want to use. You can even hire professional editors and designers to help you make your book look its best.

Moreover, if you decide to self-publish your book, you’ll have more time to build an audience. Traditional publishers don’t have this luxury, as they must compete with other authors for space on the shelves at big bookstores.

3. You’ll Earn More Royalties

If you want to earn more royalties, self-publishing may be your best option. The royalty rates you receive from a traditional publishing deal are usually between 7 and 25 percent, but self-published authors can earn as much as 70 percent on books sold.

Royalties are determined by the book price you set and a number of factors, including which platform you sell your book on. You’ll also need to pay an aggregator fee, which is typically about 10% of your sales.

When calculating your royalties, keep in mind that each store aggregator will have a unique fee. In addition, you’ll need to set a price that’s a reasonable amount above your cost.

If you’re considering publishing your own book, remember that it’s a big investment. You’ll need to spend money on editing, designing, printing, and marketing, among other things. But the rewards can be worth it in the long run. And if you do a good job and earn enough royalties, you could build a career as an author.

4. You’ll Have More Control Over Your Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of self-publishing is that you have a lot more control over how your book gets to market. This is especially important for writers who aren’t already well-established.

You can build your audience with a blog, email list, and social media following much sooner than you could if you went through the traditional publishing process. It’s also a great way to create buzz around your work and get people excited about reading it.

As a result, your book will have a longer shelf life than it would through a traditional publishing house. This means that you’ll have a lot more time to grow your audience and make money from your writing career.

You’ll also have more control over your book’s appearance and design. This is especially important if you want your book to look professional and refined. It’s worth taking the time to read through your manuscript and ensure that it looks as if it were coming from a big publisher.


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