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Trackwrestling is an online tournament management system that helps teams keep real time records of their matches. Wrestlers also get profiles that show their careers and accomplishments.

Jesuroga was a two-time Iowa state champion and a key part of Southeast Polk’s 2022 traditional and 2020 dual state championship teams. But he woke up one day and decided that he no longer loved wrestling.

Real-time scoring and statistical tools

Trackwrestling provides a wide range of tools and features for wrestling event planners, coaches, competitors, and fans. It simplifies data analysis and improves tournament management, making it an indispensable tool for the sport.

Organizers can use trackwrestling to streamline the registration process, generate brackets, and schedule matches. This significantly reduces administrative workload and saves time. It also helps wrestlers identify areas of weakness and create efficient training plans.

Additionally, the system can be integrated with live scoreboards and video overlays. This feature allows coaches and spectators to follow match results in real-time, keeping them engaged throughout the event. Trackwrestling also features electronic tappers that look like watches and use vibration to alert referees when time expires. This eliminates the need for volunteers and improves accuracy. In addition, it can help wrestlers track their progress towards a competition weight objective and monitor their health and well-being.

Improved competition accessibility and openness

The ability to track tournament results from the convenience of a mobile device has helped boost wrestling participation. It has also cultivated a sense of community between wrestlers, coaches, and spectators. Trackwrestling has also been a vital tool for college recruiting as promising athletes can find their route to the next level.

Spectators can keep tabs on their favorite wrestler’s performance thanks to trackwrestling’s real-time scoring and statistical capabilities. This information can be analyzed to reveal the wrestler’s strengths, weaknesses, and development priorities. Moreover, coaches can use these insights to improve their training strategies and tactics.

Additionally, a FloPRO subscription is available that gives members the ability to view multiple brackets at once, track individual wrestler’s statistics and progress, filter rankings, along with archived video access to hundreds of events. For more information and to register, click here. For those who can’t attend a tournament, we offer instant mat assignments and results through text message and email alerts.

Data visualization tools

As organizations become awash in data, they need tools that can present the information in ways that are easy for humans to comprehend. Data visualization software is one such tool. It creates graphical representations of data in the form of geographic maps, charts and graphs to enable real-time analysis.

Track wrestling’s real-time scoring and statistical tools have made it easier for coaches and wrestlers to recognize talent and nurture young wrestlers. These tools are also mobile-accessible, meaning that users can track the progress of a match even when they’re not in front of a computer.

The best data visualization tools can produce a variety of chart and map types. They should be simple and easy to use, support different visual styles and be capable of handling large volumes of data. They should also offer flexible options for embedding, AI integration, collaboration, and self-service. Some tools even offer free trials, so be sure to check them out.

Streaming platform

Trackwrestling provides a game changing live streaming and archived video solution completely integrated into our scoring platform. This gives organizations, teams, event directors, coaches, and streaming companies the tools to broadcast their events to people who want it.

Individual wrestlers in our system are assigned profiles that track their careers, accomplishments, and more. They can also upload a photo to their profile which helps fans and coaches put a face to the wrestlers they are following.

Tournament managers can use our software to create brackets, assign wrestlers, and manage the entire registration process online easing the workload for tournament staff. They can also generate current match summaries that show a breakdown of how the points were scored.

Streaming and scoring can be done from the same computer increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Subscriptions and advertising/sponsorship can be sold allowing the organization to recognize revenue streams from its wrestling content. Currently, we provide instant mat assignments and results via text message and email alerts to thousands of fans nationwide.


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