Tyre Sampson's Death Video Goes Viral

Tyre Sampson’s Death Video Goes Viral

The family of Tyre Sampson, who was killed while riding the Orlando FreeFall at ICON Park on International Drive, is calling for a re-examination of what happened. He died while riding a 430-foot drop tower ride that plunged him at speeds of more than 75 mph.

The family is now suing the ride’s owner, manufacturer and landlord, as well as multiple companies connected to the ride, for negligence. Lawyer Ben Crump said the family wants a thorough investigation into the death of the 14-year-old Missouri boy.

Video of Tyre’s Fall

A video of Tyre’s fall has gone viral. It shows the 14-year-old Missouri teen falling from a height that has left many wondering how it happened.

The boy was visiting Orlando from Missouri with his football team for spring break last March when he died on the ride, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

After an autopsy, it was found that Tyre was nearly 100 pounds over the ride’s weight limit and slipped through a gap between his harness and the seat.

Now, his family has filed a lawsuit against the park and ride operators, along with the manufacturer. The suit says the companies failed to warn the teen of the height and weight restrictions, fail to properly train employees, and don’t provide proper restraint systems.

The company that operates the ride is now planning to demolish it, a year after Tyre’s death. It hopes to have it deconstructed by the anniversary of his death, according to a statement from a lawyer for the Orlando Slingshot Group.

Video of Ivan’s Reaction

The video of Tyre’s fall at ICON Park has captivated the internet. It is one of the most viewed videos ever uploaded to social media, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The ride reportedly features a 430-foot drop from the top of the tower to the bottom, which is more than enough to send your heart into overdrive. However, it was not without its share of controversy and safety concerns.

The man who filmed the video, only identified as Ivan, said his friends were seated in two seats from Tyre when he spotted the free fall and decided to record their reactions. He filmed the ride in its entirety, including what happened when he fell to his death, and said his “heart sank” at the sight of the teen’s body lying on the ground.

Video of Tyre’s Final Moments

A harrowing video has surfaced of the tragic death of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson, who fell to his death last week while riding a 430-foot drop tower at ICON Park in Orlando. The video has triggered an outpouring of grief and questions about how such a tragedy could have happened.

Investigators continue to investigate the accident. They are examining whether the ride’s attendant mids-adjusted the teen’s safety shoulder harness as it ascended to its 430-foot height, tilting him to face the ground for a moment before plunging down at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

Lawyers for the teen’s family want to know what factors played a role in his death. They say they are investigating whether there was negligence about Tyre’s size or other factors, as well as whether staffers were properly trained.

Video of Tyre’s Funeral

On Wednesday, Tyre Nichols’ funeral was held in Memphis, and mourners showed up en masse. They gathered to remember a father, photographer and skateboarder who was brutally beaten by police in January — and they called for reform.

Reverend Al Sharpton delivered a powerful eulogy. He reminded the audience that Tyre’s death recalled the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. He also praised Nichols’ mother, who wept on stage.

Throughout the service, family members spoke of their loved one’s life and their grief. They paid tribute to him as a compassionate person who touched many people’s lives.

At the end of the service, Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the mourners and called on Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act — aimed at stamping out police brutality. She got a standing ovation and said the beating of Tyre should never have happened.


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