What Happened To Jacob Roloff After LPBW Season 19

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Little People, Big World has been a favorite reality show for many viewers since it first aired in 2006. The Roloff family, who starred in the series, became household names and their personal lives were closely followed by fans. One of the most beloved members of the Roloff family was Jacob Roloff, the youngest son of Amy and Matt Roloff. After appearing in Season 19 of LPBW, Jacob decided to leave the show and pursue other ventures. In this blog post, we will explore what happened to Jacob after LPBW Season 19 and where he is now. So grab your popcorn and get ready for an interesting read!

Season 19 of Little People, Big World

Season 19 of Little People, Big World was an emotional rollercoaster for fans. The season focused on the ongoing saga of Amy and Matt’s divorce, as well as their efforts to keep the Roloff Farms running smoothly. Fans also got a glimpse into Zach and Tori’s life as new parents to baby Jackson.

Audiences were delighted to see Jeremy and Audrey welcome their first child, Ember Jean Roloff. However, some viewers expressed disappointment over Jacob’s limited presence in Season 19. Many wondered why he wasn’t featured more prominently on the show.

Despite this criticism, Season 19 still managed to captivate fans with its heartwarming moments and dramatic plot twists. It was clear that LPBW still had a special place in many people’s hearts even after so many years on the air.

The Roloff Family After Season 19

After the 19th season of Little People, Big World wrapped up, fans were left wondering what was next for the Roloff family. The show had been a staple in their lives for over a decade and viewers had grown attached to each member.

Since the end of the season, the Roloff family has continued to lead their separate lives. Amy and Matt have finalized their divorce and are focusing on moving forward as individuals. Zach and Tori welcomed their second child, Lilah Ray, into the world last November. Jeremy and Audrey continue to run their successful podcast while raising their two children.

Despite no longer being part of LPBW, Jacob remains close with his siblings and frequently shares updates about his life on social media. Molly has largely stayed out of the public eye since her departure from the show several years ago.

While things may be different post-LPBW Season 19 for the Roloff family, they all seem to be flourishing in their respective endeavors.

Where is Jacob Roloff Now?

After Jacob Roloff left Little People, Big World in 2016, fans were curious about what he was up to. So where is Jacob now?

Well, after leaving the show, Jacob has been keeping himself busy with a variety of activities. For one thing, he’s become an author! He released his first book in 2018 called “Out To See,” which chronicles his travels around the country.

In addition to writing books and traveling, Jacob has also been focusing on his photography skills. He shares many of his stunning shots on Instagram for fans to enjoy.

Jacob is also very active on social media and can often be found speaking out about political and social issues that are important to him. In fact, he even got arrested during a protest against President Trump back in 2017!

It seems like Jacob is living life on his own terms and pursuing various passions outside of reality TV fame. It’s great to see him thriving post-LPBW!

What is Jacob Roloff Doing Now?

In summary, Jacob Roloff has come a long way since his days on Little People, Big World. After leaving the show in 2016, he focused on pursuing his passion for writing and traveling. He continues to keep fans updated through social media posts and his personal blog.

Currently residing in Bend, Oregon with his wife Isabel Rock, Jacob is also involved in various activism efforts such as supporting indigenous rights and environmental conservation.

Despite not being part of the LPBW cast anymore, Jacob remains a beloved member of the Roloff family and an inspiration to many young adults who aspire to follow their dreams fearlessly. It’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the last of this talented writer and adventurer!

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