What Makes a Man Decide to Marry You?

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Men often view marriage as the ultimate commitment in relationships and love; particularly if they hope to start a family in the future.

Men value women who exhibit emotional stability and maturity as potential wives, in addition to physical attractiveness.

1. He likes you

Men often have an idea of who they would like to marry; it’s part of their decision-making process and if he seems interested in you as his future wife it could be a good sign.

An indication of commitment can also be seen when someone discusses openly their life goals and how you fit into them, making decisions based on your needs and wants, introducing you to his family members and friends, and thinking of you as his true partner who he can rely on during times of hardship.

If he has ever been in a long-term relationship before, this can be seen as a positive indicator that he sees you as his future wife. It shows his commitment and their belief in your ability to enhance their life – an important milestone in any relationship!

2. He respects you

Men will only marry if they believe it will be worth their sacrifice; marriage should bring something in return, be it pleasure, meaning, comfort or thrills or financial security.

This means he treats you equally and appreciates your opinion. If he consistently places other friends before you, it might not yet be time for serious dating – but chances are, he has already started thinking about your future together.

His goal will be to ensure his family and yours get along. He should attend family events together and introduce you to his wider circle of family and friends – this shows he takes your relationship seriously and sees you as his long-term partner, which is a major step toward marriage; one major motivation will be for him marrying you!

3. He needs you

As soon as a man begins making changes in his behavior based on your needs and preferences, this is a sure sign he wants to marry you. He begins thinking only of you two as being together, no longer flirting with other women and spending time with them; and also refraining from discussing you casually among friends.

If a man believes that marrying you will bring him pleasure, comfort, a sense of purpose and fulfillment, companionship for life challenges, and long-term friendship, then he will likely accept making that commitment. But if your presence causes pain or unhappiness instead of pleasure or companionship he might prefer the freedom of single life; therefore it is crucially important that both partners recognize this.

4. He thinks of the two of you as a unit

Men generally view themselves as part of a team that works towards accomplishing their goals and dreams together, so he will take into account your opinions and needs as an essential aspect of his life.

If he seems open and comfortable discussing his future plans and regularly refers to you as the greatest thing in his life, that could be an indicator that he wants to marry you soon. Conversely, if he avoids discussing it or laughs it off as irrelevant then that could indicate otherwise.

Another telltale sign is if he introduces you to his family, although this can be daunting at first. But this shows he sees you as an integral part of his life, so less major decisions will be made without consulting you first and more time will be spent together meeting both your pleasure needs as well as his.


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