Which Guy Should I Choose?

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Life may present you with the difficult choice of being drawn to two people at the same time, making the right choice can be hard but is essential so as not to hurt either party’s feelings.

Speak to your friends for advice in this situation – they may see something that escapes your own biased eyesight.

1. Look at his personality

Are You Stuck Trying to Choose Between Two Men When They Both Appeal to You? Taking some time to compare their positive and negative traits is key before making your choice.

Make a list of everything about them, from their snoring habits to any potential conflicts in life goals that might affect them – you might be amazed by what you uncover!

Consider consulting trusted friends. They know your situation intimately and may provide valuable perspective from an impartial angle.

2. Look at his social life

When choosing between two men, it’s essential to follow your gut and compare each candidate’s advantages and disadvantages. Consulting friends for advice may also prove useful.

Ask them to point out things that might not be apparent to you, such as whether Peter’s thinning hair is an issue, or whether your career goals differ with Dave’s. Create a list of everything that makes each guy attractive as well as any concerns or reservations.

4. Look at his interests

Many may argue that picking the guy you find most physically appealing should be your priority, but it’s also essential to look at the big picture. Can you envision your life without either of them? Making a list of what qualities each candidate meets may help make your choice easier; for instance if children are important to you but he doesn’t, that could be enough of a dealbreaker for you to move on with them or not.

7. Look at his personality

All people have certain deal breakers, so it is essential that you identify yours before selecting a partner. If a potential match doesn’t fit with your lifestyle or personality, it may be time to move on and find someone better suited.

Review your list and assess which characteristics attract each man. Make sure to note things that turn you off, like snoring or differences over life goals.

8. Look at his personality

When making a choice between two men, it’s essential to evaluate both their positive and negative qualities. Make a list of what you like about them as well as any flaws which don’t work for you (this could range from small details such as snoring to larger issues such as differing life goals).

Consider also how they treat you; which partner accepts your flaws as part of who you are?


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