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William Forsythe is an American actor who is well-known for his recurring roles in popular TV shows. He is also a choreographer who has made significant contributions to contemporary dance.

He is known for his work in fusion dance, which combines classical ballet with modern movement. He is also a talented singer. He is currently single.


William Forsythe is a famous American actor who has appeared in several films and TV shows. He is known for his gangster and tough-guy roles. He was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, on June 7th, 1955. His family background is mixed (Italian (maternal grandfather), Scottish, English, and Irish). He studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

He started his acting career in 1978 and has appeared in many movies and TV shows, including King of the Mountain, The Man Who Wasn’t There, and Cloak & Dagger. He also starred in the musicals The Lightship and Savage Dawn.

Forsythe has been nominated for the Independent Spirit Award three times. He is a talented performer, and his physical make-up shape is perfectly suitable for gangster and tough-guy roles. His crude force and risk on screen are unmatched. He also appeared in recurring roles in the TV shows, Boardwalk Empire and Justified. He also performed in a number of Broadway shows.


William Forsythe has made a name for himself in the world of dance, and has choreographed over 110 works with various dance companies. He has also created installations and films, and his work has been critically acclaimed. In addition, he has taught and led workshops in several cities across the United States and Europe.

Forsythe has also acted in several film and television projects, including CHiPs, Hill Street Blues, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Raising Arizona, Dick Tracy, The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag, Goti, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, Shark, and Entourage. He has also appeared in recurring roles on shows like The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, and Justified.

Born on June 7, 1955, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, USA, Forsythe is of mixed ancestry (Italian (maternal grandfather), Scottish, English, and Irish). He has two daughters with Melody Mundon, Rebecca Forsythe and Angelica Forsythe. He is well known for his role as tough-guy criminals in movies and TV shows such as The Untouchables, American Me, Gotti, Dick Tracy, Direct Hit, and The Bronx Bull.

Real estate

William Forsythe is a renowned American actor. He is also a choreographer who has had an enormous impact on the world of dance. In addition to his career in the arts, Forsythe has extensive management experience in both government and the private sector. He has been the budget director for the State of New York, and has held positions in Lehman Brothers’ public finance department.

Forsythe has acted in numerous movies and television shows, including roles as mob boss Philip Cockeye Stein in Once Upon a Time in America, Flattop in Raising Arizona, and special agent Ernest Paxton in the movie The Rock. He has also appeared in recurring roles on TV shows like Boardwalk Empire and Justified.

The actor keeps his personal life private and doesn’t disclose information about his relationship status. He has three children from his previous marriage with Melody Mundon. He is currently single. He is known to be a very good businessman and is quite successful in his real estate business.


William Forsythe is a famous American dancer who has created over 110 works in his career. His choreography has revolutionized the world of dance and has won him many awards. He has worked with several dance companies and is a master of both classical ballet and contemporary dance.

He has also acted in many television shows and movies. He has a good physique and is able to portray tough and dangerous characters. He has portrayed the comic book character Flattop in Dick Tracy, co-starred with Steven Seagal in Out for Justice and appeared in films like Down Angel and The Waterdance.

He has a life path number of 6, which indicates that he is a good-hearted person and is generous. He is always ready to help others in need. He has a good sense of humor and can make friends easily. He is also very loyal and dependable. He has a beautiful family and is very close to his wife.


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