Wrestling Score Sheets to Track and Record Game Stats

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Wrestling score sheets are essential tools for tracking and recording game stats during a wrestling match. They provide a structured format for documenting the points and actions that occur during each match. Here’s a basic template for a wrestling score sheet:

Wrestling Score Sheet

Wrestling Score Sheet
Wrestling Score Sheet

Match Information:

  • Date: _________
  • Event: _________
  • Location: _________
  • Weight Class: _________
  • Mat: _________
  • Referee: _________
  • Timekeeper/Scorekeeper: _________


  • Wrestler A (Red): _________
  • Wrestler B (Green): _________


  • 1st Period: _________
  • 2nd Period: _________
  • 3rd Period: _________
  • Overtime 1: _________
  • Overtime 2: _________


Takedown (2 points)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________

Escape (1 point)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________

Reversal (2 points)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________

Near Fall (2 or 3 points, depending on the duration)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________

Penalty (Points awarded to opponent)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________

Riding Time (1 point awarded if one wrestler has over 1 minute of riding time at the end of the match)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________


Stalling (Warnings and Points)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________

Injury Time (minutes)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________

Blood Time (minutes)

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________


Any additional notes, remarks, or penalties can be recorded here.

Final Score:

  • Wrestler A: _________
  • Wrestler B: _________


  • Winner: _________
  • Decision: _________
  • Fall/Pin: _________
  • Technical Fall: _________
  • Major Decision: _________
  • Injury Default: _________
  • Disqualification: _________
  • Forfeit: _________



Tournament Management:

Trackwrestling allows tournament organizers to efficiently manage wrestling events, from registration and weigh-ins to bracket creation and scheduling. It simplifies the process of setting up and running tournaments of all sizes.

Online Registration:

Wrestlers and teams can register for tournaments online through the Trackwrestling platform, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens.

Live Scoring:

Trackwrestling provides live scoring and results tracking for tournaments. Coaches, wrestlers, and spectators can follow matches in real-time, with updated scores and progress.

Bracket Generation:

The system generates brackets for tournaments, ensuring fair matchups based on weight classes, experience levels, and other criteria.

Stats and Analytics:

Trackwrestling offers a comprehensive set of statistics and analytics tools to track individual and team performance. This includes win-loss records, pin percentages, and more.

Video Streaming:

Some wrestling events on Trackwrestling may have live video streaming, allowing fans and supporters to watch matches online.


Wrestlers and teams can earn rankings based on their performance in Trackwrestling-affiliated tournaments. This can help with seeding in future events.

Mobile App:

Trackwrestling offers a mobile app, making it convenient for coaches and wrestlers to access tournament information, scores, and results on the go.

Coaching Tools:

Coaches can use Trackwrestling to analyze match data, review video footage, and provide feedback to their athletes.

Fan Engagement:

Wrestling fans can follow their favorite wrestlers and teams on Trackwrestling, keeping up with their progress and achievements.

Online Store:

Some events on Trackwrestling may have an online store where participants and fans can purchase merchandise and memorabilia.

Data Integration:

Trackwrestling can integrate with other wrestling-related software and platforms, making it a valuable tool for wrestling organizations and teams.


Trackwrestling is a popular and widely used online platform and software system designed for wrestling organizations, teams, and individuals to manage and track various aspects of wrestling tournaments and events. It offers a wide range of features and services that help streamline wrestling operations and provide valuable resources for coaches, wrestlers, and fans. Here are some key aspects and functionalities of Trackwrestling:


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