Black Summer Season 3 – Is Netflix Going to Renew the Series?

Black Summer Season 3 - Is Netflix Going to Renew the Series?

Black Summer is a spinoff of Z Nation and was launched on Netflix on 11 April 2019. Created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, it garnered moderate approval from critics.

The series centers on Rose who gets separated from her daughter during the earliest days of a zombie apocalypse. She then embarks on a harrowing journey, stopping at nothing to find her.

What Happened in Season 2?

After the first season of Black Summer, fans were excited to see what happened next. The second season of the zombie horror show was released on Netflix, and fans were hoping that it would deliver another excellent season.

The season opens with a fast-paced sequence of people escaping from a zombie. This sequence sets the tone for the rest of the episode.

It’s a brilliant sequence that shows us how difficult it can be to escape a zombie.

Rose and Anna are separated at the start of the season, which is a huge setback for them. They have to fight through trials and torment without any help.

Despite the challenges, they manage to make it to an airstrip. But there’s a lot of bloodshed and violence to come as all the factions clash.

Will There Be a Third Season?

Black Summer is a Netflix original horror zombie series created by John Hyams and Karl Schaefer. It is the prequel to Z Nation and is a tense, nerve-wracking series where death is a constant threat to the main characters.

The series follows a group of strangers who must navigate through a ravaged zombie-infested area to reach safety. It features a strong cast including Jaime King, Christine Lee, Zoe Marlett, Justin Chu Cary, and Sal Velez Jr.

Season 2 ended with a huge cliffhanger that left viewers wondering what would happen next. As a result, fans are eagerly awaiting news on whether or not there will be a third season of Black Summer.

There are a few things that could potentially lead to the show being renewed for another season. One thing that would be interesting is if the show could follow Rose’s daughter Anna as she tries to get on a plane that can take her away from the dangers of the apocalypse.

Who Will Be in the Third Season?

In the second season of Black Summer, we saw Rose and her daughter Anna embark on a journey to find each other. Along the way, she fought and overcome every problem that came her way to get closer to her daughter.

When the series ended, the survivors were planning to board a plane that was dropping supplies around their area and get somewhere safe. Of all the survivors that made it to the airstrip, only Sun managed to board.

The drama then continued when Rose and Ray were having a confrontation that injured both of them. When Rose fired a flare gun at the fuel barrels behind Ray, it exploded and injured her leg.

If Black Summer does return for another season, we hope that Jaime King will return to her role as Rose. Zoe Marlett will play Anna and Christine Lee will reprise her role as Ooh Kyungsun or Sun.

Will Netflix Renew the Series?

Black Summer is a Netflix original horror series created by John Hyams and Karl Schaefer. It follows Rose, a mother who’s separated from her daughter Anna and joins a small group of survivors on a deadly journey to find her.

Season 2 dropped eight episodes in June and fans are begging for more. The show features terrifying zombie encounters and tense, nerve-wracking confrontations with other survivors.

The first season had very few viewers, but the second one quickly grew. Hopefully, Netflix will renew the series for a third season soon.

The show’s characters Rose (Jaime King), Anna (Zoe Marlett), and Kyungsun (Christine Lee) should all return for a third season. Ray (Bob Naderi) is also still stuck in the woods with them, so he should have a role to play as well.


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